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What To Expect When He’s “Expecting” – By Ayana Ellis

Posted October 10, 2012 by Kimani in Love. Life. Erotica.

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What To Expect When He’s Expecting

Let’s face it. Giving head can be very humiliating if you’re not “into” it like that. But giving head is almost like a prerequisite these days. Most relationships won’t survive or even begin without it, which is why if you’re going to do it, why not be the best at it? Why not take that humiliation and turn it around into something to be celebrated, something that your man can’t live without, and something that he will not search for in another woman because he would be wasting his time? Now in my previous blog, http://byayanaellis.com/a-hands-on-course-in-oral-sex/ I discussed the art of giving head, how to be comfortable, how to be sexy and confident and how to make your man’s toes curl. But there are other attributes to giving head.  What to expect when HE’S expecting? You know, your man’s body begins to stiffen, that grip on your hair tightens, he’s beginning to get a little rough with your face, his shaft hardens and begins to pulsate, you guys are in a hot and heavy mood, the head his great, he’s moaning your name, then splat! He comes in your mouth, or if you pull away fast enough he comes on your face, your breasts the sheets, you jump up in disgust, wipe your mouth, spit the cum in a towel, either way you didn’t know what to do when he was cummin so you wasted 20 minutes giving this man head, giving him the best pleasure of his life just to ruin it at the last minute. It’s like sitting 2 hours through a movie and someone walking in during the last 5 minutes and tells you the ending. You’d be pissed! Such as your man feels when you slap his dick out your face in disgust when he’s about to cum.  The head is good and when he’s about to cum, every man is praying, please let her let me cum in her mouth, please let her swallow. 

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Now because of the nature of this act and how some men equate “cummin in a woman’s mouth/face etc.” to not having respect for said female, a lot of women refuse to swallow. But what does the opinions of society or a few immature womanizers have to do with the chemistry between you and the man you’re sleeping with? Outside influences do not belong in the bedroom. What you and your mate do is strictly between the two of you. And so now this man is cummin.  What do you do? Do you start over thinking? Oh my God if I let him cum in my mouth he’s gonna think I’m a slut. Well if that’s the case, what do you think he was thinking the entire 20 minutes you were giving him head?  Stop over thinking when giving oral sex. The only thing you should be thinking about is pleasing your mate, pleasing yourself and the smile that’s going to crawl across his face when you slurp up his yumminess with all the confidence and sexual allure in the world.

So he’s cummin, your over thinking, but you have to put yourself in his shoes, would you want the man to move when you’re about to squirt or cum? No. So stay and brace yourself and the only thing you should be praying and concerned about is this man’s diet because everything he takes in will determine the taste and texture of what you’re about to experience.

So he’s cummin and you feel the first squirt of liquid and your eyes want to bug open but you keep it cool because you better believe if his eyes weren’t open the entire time you were giving him head, its open now. He’s watching you now, the visual of his lady, partner etc., swallowing him is the crème de la crème of the entire act, the grand finale, the standing ovation, the it, the all, the end, the everything, the reason he keeps you and dumps the rest, the reason he’s faithful in most cases, the reason he brings you flowers and stays home with you on Football Sunday instead of going to the sports bar. THIS is the moment when he realizes how much you will do to please him and keep the fire burning in your (sexual) relationship and how much of a freak you are. Every man wants a freak in the bed.

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So he’s cummin, relax, open your mouth softly, and make sure it’s wet. The visual is everything to a man at this point.  Your mouth is wet, open, with a slight smirk, because you’re ready and you know he’s about to blow it.  He cums, he’s grabbing your hair, probably jerking himself excessively, getting it all out.  You feel like a smut, because he’s emptying his everything into your face.  But that is not what he thinks, in fact he’s not thinking of you at all at that moment. He is so busy enjoying the grand finale of that wonderful head you gave him the only person judging and worrying is you. 

So he came and it’s in your mouth. Providing the fact that it doesn’t taste that bad to you, you have two options. The first would be to swallow it, simple, swallow it, smile, lick your lips then lay on his stomach and relax, take it all in, be okay with it. He’s breathing heavy, he’s basking in the ambience, it’s all good, in a few seconds you’ll be up making him a sandwich or handing him the cup of water he left on his computer desk. You have pleased your man, he’s happy, you didn’t die and it’s all good.

The Second Option would be to….

If you’re a really naughty girl, I mean a really naughty girl behind closed doors, after he cums in your mouth, you’d let it leak back down his shaft, then slurp it back up again, several times THEN swallow it. 

Either way, don’t sit hours through a movie just to walk out at the end. Stick it out till the credits roll.

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