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How To Eliminate Your Gag Relex…

Posted April 14, 2014 by Kimani in Sex Health
Gagging during oral sex

How to Eliminate Your Gag Reflex

What seems like the stuff of legend can now be yours! As we’ve discussed on a previous post, porn stars make certain sexual acts seem so effortless. Take for example, their lack of gag reflex. How many times have you tilted your head in amazement wondering how they get it all in there? Not to worry, I have a solution that may solve your gagging woes and get rid of the gag reflex whenever you want.



How to Eliminate The Gag Reflex

How the gag reflex works…

I’d like to add that these remedies can serve other, non-sexual purposes. If you have trouble brushing your tongue in the morning,  or have a sensitive palate – keep reading. While gagging may seem like a dirty word, it happens outside of the bedroom quite often. Regardless of this fact, there are many people looking to solve the issue in order to become a more intricate (and seemingly experienced) partner.
Read “What to Expect When He’s Expecting” for more on the act of fellatio.
When learning the act of fellatio,  one of the biggest obstacles is overcoming the fear of puking. Gagging is a natural reflex designed to prevent animals from choking on food or foreign objects. Your throat has no idea that you’re enjoying yourself (it actually thinks you’re dying!) Sure, you can use mints and sprays, but those are tricks for the pros. Not only does it shut down your urge to gag, it may cause you to choke if you eat or drink shortly after. Throat numbing is a great idea, but definitely not for starters.
Let’s start with the basics. If you’re new to this, don’t attempt to stunt like Lethal Lippz or old school Jenna Jameson. Take it easy. You may find that your gag reflex triggers simply because you’re taking on more than you can chew. When you feel like you may gag, stop. Before you continue, do this…
Getting Rid of Gag Reflex

How to Stop Your Gag Reflex


Yes, the secret to stopping your gag reflex is a tightly balled fist. How does it work? Simple physiology. A 2008 study from the American Dental Association shows that a pressure point in the palm suppresses the urge to choke.



Distracting your Throat by humming may deactivate the involuntary reflex that

Causes you to gag. It also creates a nice sensation for your partner.


Salt to Stop Gag Reflex

How to Stop Gag Reflex

Try Table Salt

Put a dab of table salt on your tongue; the receptors responsible for the gag reflex are temporarily numbed. Gargling with salt water is another alternative.


Need a long-term solution? Try numbing mints!




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