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Posted May 18, 2016 by Charlie L'Strange in Reviews
Yoni Egg

 “Yoni Egg Poppin'” – by Charlie L’Strange

Our resident melanin goddess, Charlie, has taken on the wonderfully exciting task of exploring the world of Yoni Eggs. In this piece, she uncovers their history, what they do, and her personal experience with nature’s vaginal tightener.

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Over the past month, I decided to purchase my first Yoni Egg. It was one of those things that I had been hearing a lot about and finally decided to get one. As someone who enjoys sex and cares about the general health of my spirit and body, the reviews really drew me in. Every woman who tried it spoke about having better sex with their partner, feeling more connected to their body, their vagina specifically and with their spirit.

And just to be super transparent with y’all, I needed some serious healing on all fronts and I was going to try whatever to get it.

To give you a little history lesson, the yoni egg was originally used by royal families in ancient China. Its purpose was to improve and enhance the spiritual and physical abilities of the women who used it. Strong spirit, strong pussy, right? Yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning sacred space and more specifically refers to the vagina. The Yoni eggs are made of stone and are formed into the shape of an egg. They come in various sizes, depending on the person, and the specific stone is based on what exactly you are trying to accomplish. For myself, I purchased the Rose Quartz stone yoni egg because I need some major healing in the heart department.  In general, yoni eggs can be used to heal past and present relationships, heartbreak, increase creativity, harmonize emotions, reduce PMS and cramps, aids in healing sexual trauma and a lot more.


Yoni Egg


Preparation Time

Although I did extensive research before purchasing my yoni egg, I was still pretty darn skeptical and did not know what to expect when I began using it. I had heard of the egg getting “stuck” and I couldn’t imagine going to the emergency room and explaining that I had put an egg shaped stone in my vagina and couldn’t get it out. But I went for it. Before inserting the egg, I did as I was advised to cleanse the egg. I placed the egg in a cup of water with salt for 3 days. Now, from what I have also gathered, you don’t need to leave it in the water for a certain number of days. One day could also be enough. I then washed it off with Dr. Bronner’s soap. I believe that any Castile or all natural soap will do. I would advise against using any scented soaps as you are going to be putting this thing INSIDE of your body. Next, I charged the egg in the sun and moonlight so that it would have the energy it needed to do its healing work. I am certain that for a few folks are going to be confused as to why you need to “cleanse” and “charge” a stone.  Anything that we receive from other people whether it be clothing, and object, a book, they all come with energies of other people and their experiences. They are “charged” with intentions, ideas, feelings ect.  can affect how that object functions and the purpose it serves. So for a yoni egg, you want it to be super clean for what you want it to do.


Due to the fact that it is a stone that has its own energy, it needs to then be charged up with the most natural and number one energy sources you can find which are the sun and the moon. Some folks have also cleanse and charged their yoni eggs by submerging it in soil to gain the energy from the earth, clearly I skipped that step.  I then meditated with it for a few minutes to activate it. Finally, after 4 days, I was ready.



Yoni Egg

Via “The Hidden Gems” on Amazon

The Experience

So,  I inserted the egg, it was cool and smooth and slid right in. I ordered the smallest one they had available and I was a little shocked that it slid in so easily. I sat up, partially having the irrational thought that the egg would slide so far up inside of me that it would end up somewhere in my intestines. But as I laid there, I honestly could barely feel it. I didn’t want to try to FLEX around it, not yet. I kept it in for around an hour before I decided to remove it.


When I put my finger inside to get a hold of it, my muscles had tightened around it. I thought my worst fears had come true. I took a deep breath and just laid back down. Naturally, I figured, the egg had some more work to do and it might be trying to tell me to just sit back and chill. Two more hours went by with me walking around, using the bathroom, watching a flick, when finally, I squatted down and it slid right out. No pressure applied and absolutely no discomfort. For the next few days, I repeated this routine, even sleeping with the yoni egg inserted for a few hours before it just slide out. Each morning I would wash the yoni egg off, charge it in the sun and reinsert it in the night.


I must say, I didn’t feel super enlightened when I first put it in. But my dreams were the most vivid I had ever had, literally ever. Each one was connected to some sort of trauma I had in the past but had lessons attached. While using the egg just for the week, a few things came up that had to do with past relationships. I had tucked them away and hadn’t dealt with any of them. To me, it was proof that the egg was doing something good. Admitting there is a problem is the first step to recovery. Staring that mug directly in the face is the second.

As for now, I’m going to continue to using the yoni egg until I feel its work is done. I will update y’all in a few!

Keep it cute, k?

All love,


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