What to Get Your Man For the Holidays


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What To Get Your Man for the Holidays

Posted November 13, 2015 by Kimani in Sex Health
What to Get Your Man

Feeling clueless about what to get your man for the holidays?

I’ve brought in one of the pro’s to help you narrow down the list into four simple categories. Relationship expert and TV personality Damona Hoffman is here with the Girl’s Holiday Gift Cheat Sheet! Whether it’s a new interest or a lifelong partner that you’re looking to gift, Damona has you’re the perfect him to make him smile this holiday season!


Check Out My Printable Checklist!

Damona’s new reality show, #BLACKLOVE, airs this December 9th and takes you into inside the world of five women and their search for their soulmate – including returning to the scene after divorce, pursuing same-sex love and negotiating interracial relationships. With her guidance they hope to find the love of their lives.

The online dating specialist is also a regular contributor to Huffington Post, J-Date and Match.com, among others.


1. FOCUS ON EXPERIENCES – If you get your man tickets to the basketball game that’s an experience you can share and a memory you can create together (or an opportunity for him to spend that important time with the boys.


What to get your man


What to get your man

2. GET HIM MORE OF THE SAME – Sometimes a woman subtly tries to shift her boyfriend’s behavior by buying something that she thinks he needs or wishes he would do rather than what he actually wants or needs.  Men are creatures of habit. Rather than trying to be too clever, he will be impressed if you buy him more of something he already uses.


What to get your man

3.LET HIM BE PAMPERED –Women incorporate self-care, beauty and pampering into our regular maintenance routine. Many men have never had a massage let alone a professional shave or facial. Give him an opportunity to get pampered.


What to get your man

4. FILL HIS BELLY – There’s a reason they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Cook him a delicious four course meal or buy him gourmet treats and he’ll literally be eating out of the palm of your hand.


We know that men tend to be easy going creatures at their core, so while we try to razzle dazzle them with nice things – sometimes the simple ones are all they need.


About Damona:



Damona Hoffman is the dating expert of the new generation. An online dating early-adopter and success story, she has been showing singles how to harness the power of technology to find love for over a decade.

A former TV casting director and executive, Damona always entertains while she teaches about celebrating your own unique experiences and personal story and learning to LOVE AS YOU ARE instead of conforming and compromising your individuality to find love.

Visit her at damonahoffman.com

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