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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico

Posted July 17, 2017 by Kimani in Reviews
Puerto Rico

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico

**Update: Hurricane Maria ravaged our beautiful second home in 2017 – please consider donating to organizations like Hispanic Federation as they continue to strive and push through the adversities of rebuilding.

Of course, the best way to support right now is to Visit Puerto Rico yourself – the service and tourism industries could use our love and dollars.**

As an island girl, I get homesick often. The beaches, the clean water and beautiful sands – nothing beats the fresh Caribbean air for me. Finding other islands of similar beauty has been super refreshing, and Puerto Rico has become like my family’s other island home.

Today I want to share with you some of my top reasons to visit Puerto Rico; this under-appreciated island. Hopefully, you’ll go and fall in love like we have. Whether you’re lovers on the run or a family looking for somewhere to unwind – this place is perfect for you.

  1. The Hotels.

We have a handful of go-to boutique hotels (see Hotel Iberia) that we really love and appreciate in Puerto Rico. Typically, we opt for small places to enjoy the family-style vibe that a small business owner can truly provide. One of our favorite places to stay, Aleli by the Sea has been bought out – so I can’t even link you to the beautiful Sra. Lanchy and her abuela-esque smile. This shoutout is for her – we wish her the best in wherever the future takes her.

Check out my previous post on Puerto Rico here.

This trip, we went chain hotel since there was more family coming along. Marriott has always been a first choice for me when I’m traveling, and the new AC Marriott San Juan is absolutely beautiful. The lobby smelled like a handsome man’s cologne, the staff was friendly and helpful, and the rooms are modern and comfortable.

Puerto Rico

AC Marriott San Juan

Puerto Rico

Elsa was pretty comfy.

2. The Beaches.

I always thought Jamaica and the Dominican Republic had the most beautiful beaches, but the Caribbean just takes the cake overall for me. San Juan’s Condado beach is such an expansive line of gorgeous sand and sea. The water is clean, the locals care for their surroundings (can’t say the same for the visitors at times) – it’s a real paradise. If you bring a lover here, they’ll think you spent a million dollars on the view.

Puerto Rico

Say hi, Abbie!

Puerto Rico

Condado beach is just – expansively beautiful.

Puerto Rico


3. The Food.

If you’re not familiar with Puerto Rican food, there’s no better place to try it for the first time. I couldn’t wait to land so I could enjoy breakfast foods like Mallorca, fried snacks like Bacallao fritters and dinner like Mofongo.

Puerto Rico

Mofongo via

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican Mallorca via Putting it All on the Table

4. The Nature. 

Visiting Puerto Rico can give you access to natural wonders that would otherwise be impossible for some to visit. El Yunque is a small rainforest on the windward side of the El Yunque mountains. Long story short – it’s got beautiful waterfalls and pristine waters. Super sexy place to visit with your loved ones.

Puerto Rico

Photo via

Puerto Rico

El Yunque through the eyes of La_Leona27

5. The Vibe.

We visit each year during Noche de San Juan and Pride weekend. It’s beautiful to see people of different ethnicities, preferences and various walks of life mingling together. The music, the laughter – it’s all a refreshing reminder that human beings are innately good and loving. I hope that tradition lasts forever.

Puerto Rico Pride

Everyone needs a little time away – even those of us who live in tropical environments. Visiting beautiful places like Puerto Rico guarantees a beautiful view, fresh air and the natural vibes of the Caribbean. Grab your photo ID, swimsuit and plane ticket – we’ll meet you there!

A big thank you to the following Resources: 

El Yunque Official Site

Tiny Kelsie 

Putting it All on the Table 

La_Leona27 on Instagram

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