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Post Baby Fitness – Train With Spice…

Posted July 17, 2015 by Kimani in Reviews
Train With Spice

As a fairly “new mommy” who had a c-section in 2013, post baby fitness has been one of my top priorities. I know how hard it can be to get our bodies back in order. I’ve tried waist training which has its benefits (Read my review here), but I’ve always been a fitness girl. I enlisted the expertise of Danny Spice over the past few months to help me get my body back – and boy, it’s been a journey. It’s only right I share it with you all – in photos.

 Train With Spice

Since I moved to Florida from NY in 2005, I have gone from slim to thick but worked hard to maintain my sexy. After giving birth, however, keeping my sexy got a little bit trickier.  I have always been into weight training, but wasn’t finding the balance I needed to keep my body lean and tone up at the same time. Now, enters Danny Spice. His remote training has been a God send, despite my busy schedule and even busier 1.75 year old.


This was me when I started. I have always had a hard time with under the bra line  and back fat (one of the hardest spots to burn fat). The c-section gave me this little lower belly puff, too. My breasts were around a 42, waist was at around 32 inches, and bottom 44 inches. I don’t usually weigh myself – too stressful and too fluctuating.

Post Partum Fitness
Before Training with Spice


The workouts are intense, but time saving – and will guarantee you to bust a sweat from every pore. Even when I don’t follow the regimen to a t (which I should), I stick with the meal plan and have seen serious results.

Post Baby Fitness
Month One, Train With Spice

After the first month, I felt less bloated. The meal plan cut out all the stupid carbs I was wasting my metabolism on (multigrain bagels on my busy blogger days). I stuck to the meal plan vigorously for the first two months and it started getting real! If you look up, you’ll see that my stomach flattened, my back smoothed out a bit and my abs started outlining again. I was ecstatic!


By May, I was all in. It felt good to start fitting back into clothes I’ve owned for three, four years. Those  Paper,Denim & Cloth camo shorts – pre-baby. Now, I look like they’re mine instead of like I borrowed them from my skinny cousin.

Post Baby Fitness
May 2015

This month, I’ve been super busy – but the meal plan never fails. I give myself one cheat day (Saturdays), and still behave by eating lean and avoiding simple carbs (rice, breads, bagels, etc). I actually enjoy making my own food every day and the repetition makes my cheat meal taste that much better.


 Read More about Sex and Fitness Here…


I know my sexy is back. My energy levels are up when I’m working out more, and my libido feels renewed every week. The moral of the story is – any increase in physical activity can help transform your body into what you want it to be. It may not be an overnight change, but it can be done. If you need an extra push in the right direction – a personal trainer is well worth the investment. Even though I’m in Florida and TWS in NY – remote training is working really well for me. On my off days, I pair up with my gym partner or go to yoga to mix it up a little. Even the sexpert needs a kick in the pants every once in a while.

Check out Train With Spice Here – tell him Kimi sent you! 

No, this is not a paid advertisement – I actually paid him for his services… 

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