Sweet Pwussy Satday - 5 Ways To Prepare Your Vadge.


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“Sweet Pwussy Satday” – 5 Ways To Prep Your Vadge.

Posted April 26, 2015 by Kimani in Sex Health
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Hey Vadgesters!

I am so into social media, and I have become enamored with the rapper Plies and his new movement called “Sweet Pwussy Satday.” Now, if you couldn’t decode that – it stands for Sweet P*ssy Saturday; a day to hold the vagina up in reverence as it deserves to be – and cater to its every need. Plies gives weekly accounts of his vaginal escapades on Instagram, and when you’re able to understand him – they are quite entertaining. Part of the fun is deciphering what he’s saying in the first place.

Anywhoo – I decided to give my ladies some tips to help them get ready for Sweet Pwussy Satday. We may think these tips are a given, but many men and women can attest to experiencing Pwussy (Vadge) that was the opposite of sweet. Let’s make sure we’re prepared – ladies…


Sweet Pwussy Satday - as instructed by Plies...

Sweet Pwussy Satday – as instructed by Plies…

5 Ways to Prepare Your Vagina for Sweet Pwussy Satday…


1. Shave/Wax.

I suggest getting your hands on a good shave cream, like the ever so famous Coochy Rash Free Creme. This helps keep the area protecting your vagina looking neat. Whether you choose to keep some hair is up to you, but keeping a low profile helps your partner to navigate you better.


2. Exfoliate

Whether you shave or not – exfoliating the mons area of the vaginal region can help to soften the skin and the hair. Being touchably soft can be the difference between getting treated like pie or getting the boot.


3. Keep It Clean

As simple as that sounds, sometimes it needs to be revisited. If a shower is not available at the time (long flight, after a jog, etc.) – freshen up with unscented wipes. If you’re able to hop in the tub, try to choose a soap without parabens. You can add as many tabs as you want using this technique. Chemicals in soap and body wash can create irritation and sometimes infection. Air your vagina out for as long as you can before putting on clothing.


4. Hydrate.

Water, water – everywhere. The key to good sex is lubrication, and the key to lubrication is water. If you’d like to see “jucier,” more wet vagina – sip water through the day. Every day – not just Sweet Pwussy Satday.


5. Pick the Right Recipient

Once you let someone in, there’s no changing that. Please be sure to be choosy in who you allow around your vagina. It is a sacred, important place that must be respected.

Bonus Tip – ask him to take out his golds (gold teeth) if he has any.

I hope you enjoyed this special Saturday post, and that you keep the Sweet Pwussy Satday alive!!

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