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Beach Getaways – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Posted July 26, 2016 by Kimani in Sex Health
San Juan

Beach Getaways – San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you’re looking for a “Baecation” beach getaway that won’t break the bank, San Juan Puerto Rico is the place for you. It’s absolutely one of my favorite “countries” to visit, and I’m honored to share it with you.


Open scene: A warm, soothing breeze flows over your skin. You turn your face towards the sun and feel the kiss of its rays on your cheek. Open your eyes, and beautiful waves splash at your feet. No, this is not a dream – this is San Juan.


The island is just overflowing with beautiful landscape and sea breeze. This trip, we stayed in Condado, walking distance from San Juan’s popular beaches…

San Juan

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We visit at the same time every year, during the “Noche de San Juan” festivities. The holiday is of religious origin, but has since become a Pride weekend of sorts. People from all over the island and the world come together to dance, swim and enjoy good company. It’s a great vibe, and a wonderful trip for a couple looking to enjoy island travel without a passport.

That’s right – no passport is needed for Puerto Rico!


San Juan

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Visiting (Castillo San Felipe) del Morro is such a necessary part of going to San Juan. Not only is it a beautiful sight, but it’s super affordable. You can check out the rates here, but I must warn you – it’s ridiculously inexpensive.


San Juan

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Most of San Juan is walk-able, so it’s a great place to explore with your significant other, or even your family. San Juan, Puerto Rico is definitely a Caribbean gem that seems to go unnoticed as a US territory.

San Juan

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San Juan

When I say inexpensive travel – I mean it!


Everyone deserves to take a vacation once in a while, no matter your budget. Puerto Rico is one of the most ideal locations that I’ve encountered in my travels. So, what are you waiting for?



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