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The Paris Guide | Newly Single…

Posted March 22, 2016 by Kareem Wright in Love. Life. Erotica.
Newly Single

The Paris Guide for Single Men

Please welcome our newly -single guest writer, “K.W.”,  who is currently overcoming the journey of being a fiance. As he works to re-discover himself, he has agreed to share his experiences with us. Hopefully his adventures and misfortunes inspire other men to heal and move forward…


The Paris Guide | Newly Single

Seems like my adventures in Paris have not gone quite as expected. Expedia seems to have booked several events with no confirmation on the guides side of things.
I am now faced with the notion of pretty much booking while here. The early booking process was a waste of time for everything except the taxi service. Go figure – just my luck lol.

However, my experience with the city itself has not been dulled. The areas and activities done at my whim have been extremely enjoyable.

After paying a second time for the Louvre, I found myself strolling aimlessly in a state of security. Maybe I wasn’t able to get the guided group experience I originally wanted, but as I walked through history it completely slipped my mind. This time alone reminds me of the time spent alone at the beaches. Being surrounded by so many while alone is an almost religious affair.

Paris Guide
You notice all as you go unnoticed. While being granted an open door to an unfettered emotional connection with yourself, you realize there is little if anything to disturb you.
Dinner. This is now the third restaurant I’ve visited since arriving yesterday and fifth stop for food. The food continues to surprise and encourage my risky behavior. Trying new things can be scary, but not when it taste this good.

My first delve started on the flight over. I was served chicken and beans with white wine – not bad. Then, once in Paris I happened upon a great little restaurant near my hotel where i was able to pick up some steak and peas with a Coke. The next morning, I went downstairs to take part in the hotel’s breakfast, but as I had been up so early it was not yet prepared. I headed out and found a new place to eat instead, and it was grande. Hot chocolate, eggs, ham, toast, fresh whipped cream, natural jam, and orange juice. This was the beginning of a great day.


Paris Guide

Later that night after finding my way out the Louvre, I started back to the hotel thinking I want some alcohol. The wine was actually extremely relaxing during the meal on the flight and I thought, why not do it again? At first I walked past this restaurant not thinking much of it, then I saw that alcohol could be served with this meal. My prayers were answered before I could put my hands together.


I chose duck with beans, a house special cocktail and a mixed 3 scoop sorbet. The duck arrived and looked almost rolled with beans in a brown sauce topped with bread crumbs. Uber soft and juicy. The drink was smooth as velvet. Seemed to be a mix of apricot, orange and vodka. The all natural sorbet with a scoop of mango, lemon and raspberry was delightful.

Paris Guide

Sorbet, yes!

I missed breakfast and went shopping on day 3. I wound up at an Indian restaurant after finding the sandwich shop was overflowing with clients.


Paris Guide
I ordered some minced lamb in curry and a sauce with eggplant cream what and a side of rice with dried fruit. Lastly, they offered a small glass of apricot juice, red wine and water. At the end they greet you with a hot sanitary towel. You can smell the anti- bacterial solution in the cloth as the waiter holds it, steaming, with clamps as not to burn himself. What an experience.

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Tonight, I don’t really feel like a restaurant – If i do anything, it will probably be a bar. Preferably a club. As I sit near the immense arch of Tripoli, I’m grounded by my sense of almost loneliness. How great it’d be if i had someone to share this with. All in all, I am still extremely happy with my trip thus far. Maybe some fast food tonight. These fat asses got me wanting some comfort food.

Paris Guide

Tripoli was a bust. Too damm crowded.

Went out tonight for some food and wasn’t even hungry. Had a hankering for some ice cream. After strolling through the restaurant area for a while, I stumbled on to several people eating what looked like flower shaped ice cream…

Paris Guide


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