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Sex Education for the Real World…


Miami Swim Week + Speed Dating…

Posted July 26, 2015 by Kimani in Love. Life. Erotica.

I had a jam packed weekend, and it surely didn’t disappoint. It started on South Beach with Miami Swim Week 2015, with a few of my fellow bloggers; CousinJin of BelleJheanell, Bianca of ElleBStyles, Missy of PopOfStyle and Crissy of CrissysCorner. We definitely learned a lot this weekend, and I look forward to tagging along next year. While I’m not a fashion blogger, swim wear can definitely play a part in how sexy a woman feels during the summer. I took away a lot of valuable coaching info for my clients. Anywhoo – let’s look at the pics, shall we?


Miami Swim Week 2015 – Through Vadge Eyes…

Miami Swim Week 2015

Of course, a photo op in front of the Miami skyline had to happen. Even in the daytime, Miami has such a sexy vibe with the hot weather and hot bodies. It was nice to peel away from work to enjoy the perks of being a blogger for a bit.


Miami Swim Week 2015

Bianca and Jheanell on our first food break of the day.

It was such a fast-paced day, we didn’t even have time to eat between fashion shows.

One thing I will stress, as I usually do – is to always stay hydrated! When running the Miami streets, it is crucial to keep water in your system. We had coconut water from the sponsors, as well as cold non-alcoholic drinks as we went throughout the venues. If you want to keep your energy up, stay low on sugar intake and drink as much H2O as you can. Trust me, we were sweating like two freaks in a hot box.




Miami Swim Week 2015

When the lighting is too sexy to pass up…

I had to take a pic before we stepped out, because I knew the heat was going to drench me in sweat. The glow from perspiration actually gives a nice flushed look to the face – remember this when taking sexy selfies, lol.

Miami Swim Week 2015

@KimiLeVadge, @ElleBStyles + @CrissysCorner at the W Miami Beach…

SmartWater and the W Miami Beach Hotel sponsored this poolside fashion show – talk about sexy! The guests were well-dressed and everyone was so tall (I’m only 5’2)!

Miami Swim Week 2015

Instagram: @kimi_levadge

Check out my blogger girls; BelleJheanell, Elle B. Style, Pop of Style and Crissy’s Corner for full fashion recaps!


Speed Dating + Singles Mixer with The Cake Shop

After running around South Beach all day, I switched gears (and clothes), and headed out to North Miami Beach for an evening of speed dating. I teamed up with The Cake Shop, Ent. to help Miami’s eligible bachelors and bachelorettes find romance.

Miami Swim Week 2015

We are working together to fill the gap between taken and single. Being single doesn’t have to mean being alone, and it’s totally possible to enjoy the company of other people in your position. Who knows? You may find one that you want to spend more time with…


Miami Swim Week 2015

G-Spot Vibes, Travel kits and massage oils for the sexy singles…

Little stations were set up for the singles to browse, and I was on call to answer any questions. The dim lighting made it more comfortable to have sexual discussion – and I’m glad some of the daters felt compelled! I was as modest as a sexpert can be; g-spot vibrators, kegel balls + smart balls, Love Oil and pheromone spray was on display. A lil something for everyone *wink*.


Miami Swim Week 2015

A good friend of mine, Amber came to support with a few of her beautiful lady friends. We definitely enjoyed a night of laughs and $1 jell-o shots. She’s an amazing community advocate as well; check her out at Marks Community Outreach.

Marks Community Outreach


I live vicariously through the single people, so it was great to talk about safe sex and intimacy in a smooth setting. We even raffled off goodies from Koitus Kit for the ladies and gentlemen to enjoy!

Koitus Kit

It’s so important for single people to remember sexual responsibility. The Koitus Kit allows you to enjoy your day/night while bringing all the essentials with you in a discreet, small package. I’ll be reviewing it this week – stay tuned!

I had an awesome evening; it was great seeing people exchange numbers, hugs and smiles. If you’re single in Miami and haven’t experienced a Cake Shop event – I suggest you get out to one!


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