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Love, Life and Style: Passion Parties – What Are They?

Posted February 23, 2014 by Kimani in Le Vadge Shop


Most women desire to explore their sexual wants and needs, but are afraid to seem “creepy” or “perverted.” Many have questions about what are the best products and techniques for awakening their sex drive or keeping spice in their relationships. Nearly all women want to maintain their sexual health and wellbeing. Some just don’t know where to start.

“Passion Parties is the premier sensual products company in the United States and Canada. We are celebrating 19 years of bringing quality sensual products to men and women throughout North America. Our exclusive line of products is designed to encourage intimacy between partners.

Sensual aids and toys are more popular than ever. Yet many people need or want to be discreet about purchasing such products. Through in-home parties, we bring the value of product knowledge, education, and confidentiality simply not found in the retail environment.”


Passion Parties is a great way to explore some of the highest-quality and most popular pleasure products in the industry. The best part about Passion Party products is that they are not advertised on TV or in magazines, but they are tested and approved by women you know and can trust. Nearly everyone has heard about Passion Parties, and it’s because word of mouth is the best advertisement. Nobody recommends products they did not enjoy.

The best part about Passion Parties is that they are held in a comfortable setting, among friends who are trusted and respect confidentiality. Your Passion Consultant will be knowledgeable in her field and ready to assist you with all your needs. There’s no pushy salesperson, just a bunch of friends  enjoying each other’s company – while previewing awesome products. Once you recognize your comfort level, you can select the products of your choice.

It’s that simple.

What Products Are Available?





























Ever heard of the Rabbit Vibrator? Sex And the City ring a bell? Your consultant is the only way to get your hands on this incredible product. The Rabbit Vibrator takes solo play to the next level. With new, updated features and a sleek design – there’s never a wrong time to whip this bunny out (Well, except for when company’s over).

This is just one of the amazing products we offer – Learn more about the “Bunny Shine” Rabbit Vibrator here.  Preview more Passion Party products in future articles.


To book a Passion Party, preview our collection or become a consultant – email and get in touch with Kimi, your Passion Consultant.

Vadge On, my friends!


About the Author


A NY transplant in Florida, Kimani has taken on the task of educating the world on sexual health and education. The Mount Vernon native has seen AIDS and HIV spread through her community like wildfire, and hopes to cease the transmission of these and other diseases one person at a time. If you know better, you're inclined to do better.

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