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The LELO HEX Story: Made of Honey & Gold

Posted July 6, 2016 by Charlie L'Strange in Love. Life. Erotica.
Lelo Hex
The LELO HEX Story:
 Made of Honey & Gold

Fun Fact: The condom has not been re-engineered in over 60 years and according to Charlie Sheen, “this is NOT your grandfather’s condom.”


LELO HEX is the thinnest, strongest condom to date and was endorsed by comedian and actor Charlie Sheen at the premier of the new condom. The design was inspired by graphene, which is known for its thinness and strength. The hexagon pattern makes this material more flexible and increases resistance from tearing. For those of you who hate when the condom slips off, the LELO HEX condom will hold on for as long as you want it to.

Just before guests could head home and try the condom out for themselves, LELO made sure to have a demonstration station.  Representatives did a number of tests to show just how amazing the new condom is. They stretched and pulled and even poked holes in the condom to show its tear resistance.

To be honest, the LELO HEX condom is also very appealing to the eyes. Especially due to the fact that they had a giant ice sculpture of the condom with RESPECT etched into the shaft of it. Clearly LELO knows how important it is to respect ourselves and others, especially when it comes to safe and amazing sex.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the LELO sex toy brand, you are serious depriving yourself of pure luxury. So much so, that they don’t even call their toys “sex toys”, they call them “pleasure objects”. Let that sink in.

In case there is any doubt that LELO isn’t all about the luxurious life, they are the first sex toy brand to have used 24-karat gold on their sex toys. A demonstrator revealed their 24- karat gold-plated luxury massager, OLGA. When holding the gold-plated dildo, I had to reconsider if diamonds were REALLY a girl’s best friend.


The tasty drink selection was icing on top. As someone with a true oral fixation, I was tickled at the variety of drinks offered and if nothing else, I LOVE my fancies tickled.


To top off the LELO experience, there was an amazing DJ, delicious hors d’oeuvres and finally the gift bag of any sex toy lover. The gift bag was equipped with their 24-karat draped couples massager TIANI, LELO personal lubricant, LELO HEX condoms and a LELO toy cleaner. Talk about treating yo’self! Trust me lovies, there will definitely be a review on these products.



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