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Kimi Le Vadge x KissyFace454 – “Naked Sunday; My First Anal Experience…”

Posted August 4, 2014 by Kimani in Reviews

I had a great time with the lovely KissyFace454 as we talked about our first anal experiences (and sipped wine). I’ll summarize it below, but check out the video for the full story. We also unboxed Kissy’s new toy from Hello Cherie – a glass, ribbed anal plug!  I’ve also included a few tips for making anal sex a bit more pleasurable for you and your partner – check it out after the jump.


My First Anal Experience VForVadge

Kimi LeVadge x KissyFace454

My First Anal Experience…

It was a cute little vacation weekend, we went away somewhere and were in a really nice hotel. We agreed beforehand that we were gonna try it that night. A bit of tequila and lots of lube later, I had my first go at anal. It was not as bad as I expected. However, after our romantic shower and while I was oiling myself up, I felt a rush coming from my butt. I was about to poop!! I ran back into the bathroom and made it to the toilet, but I couldn’t stop the rush of poop once I sat down.

Moral of the story – poop before anal or take an enema. I suggest the enema.

Here’s a few more tips for a more comfortable anal experience…


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