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Keep Condoms in Place with SlipGuards…

Posted January 9, 2016 by Kimani in Reviews
Keep Condoms In Place with SlipGuard

Keep Condoms in Place with SlipGuards…

Keep Condoms In Place

I spend my days and nights encouraging the sex active to use protection. Even in 2016, with all the hard to pronounce diseases that are spreading, condom use seems to be the simplest, most tricky task for many individuals (and couples). Many complain about the hassle of getting condoms and putting them on – but there are a large number who are concerned about keeping them on.

Is that you? 

Let’s be honest – many women don’t really care if you wear magnums. What they care about is whether your condom is baggy because it’s the wrong size, or if your condom keeps sliding off. Slipguards is the solution for this issue. Not only should your condom fit right, it should stay on for the entire session.


Why is my condom slipping?

There are plenty of reasons why one would need to keep condoms in place, these are just a few:

Vaginal wetness

Anal lubrication

Condom is too tight (go buy the right size)

Condom is too loose (go buy the right size)

Rigorous (rough) sex shifts condom

Penis shape (curved penis, peyronie’s Disease [PD])

All of these issues can put a strain on the mood when trying to get intimate. That’s where the SlipGuard comes in:

“The Slip Guard is a 100% food grade silicon product designed to eliminate condom slippage. The profile of The Slip Guard is so slim it can go unnoticed during use. Its double ringed design makes it perfect for safe constriction. You heard right! It can also be used as a constriction band, specifically designed to work with condoms.  Made for multiple uses, you can wash it with soap and water. The Slip Guard can handle what ever you throw at it. It can support over 1000 times its own weight…”

How It Works

The Slip Guard is simple. After putting on the condom, make sure it is completely unrolled to the base. Stretching The Slip Guard, slip it over the condom and sit the base of the condom in the middle chamber of The Slip Guard. With one ring contacting the condom and the other making contact with skin. (See detailed instructions here)


I had the honor of trying the SlipGuard, and I’m definitely a fan. For starters, the packaging is super simple and easy to open. When you’re trying to get busy – no one has time to grab scissors or a boxcutter (hey, I’m from New York – don’t judge!). All you need to do is pop the plastic open and take the SlipGuard out. It makes a great storage unit for the ring as well.

Keep Condoms In Place

My husband was excited to try it as well. We’ve used penis rings before, but never one that doubled as additional safety. The sound of my toddler rolling over in her crib through the baby monitor is great birth control, but there’s nothing wrong with having a backup to the backup. He slipped it on, and it was like the SlipGuard wasn’t even there.


Third -it freaking GLOWS IN THE DARK!! 


When you’re going through the motions and want to get started, how awesome is it to only have to reach into the nightstand and dart your eyes to the exact thing you want. It made locating the SlipGuard super easy, and I love easy.


Keep condoms in place


The greatest parts about the SlipGuard so far, is that it cleans easy and it’s reusable dozens of times. The price point is amazing enough that you can stock up on a few and keep one in your travel bag, another in the car and one at home. It’s also a great bridal shower gift, as couples may still be mapping out their life plans.


Pro’s of the SlipGuard:

Easy way to keep condoms in place.

Simple, inconspicuous design.

Stretches to fit larger girth.

Easy to clean

No chemical smell.

Keep condoms in place without additional effort.


Cons of the SlipGuard:

I’ve got nothing so far.


Ultimately,  I give the SlipGuard an A+. I look forward to continued use and a follow-up review, as this is an excellent product.

So, let’s hear your thoughts: would you use the SlipGuard? Why or why not? 


About the Author


A NY transplant in Florida, Kimani has taken on the task of educating the world on sexual health and education. The Mount Vernon native has seen AIDS and HIV spread through her community like wildfire, and hopes to cease the transmission of these and other diseases one person at a time. If you know better, you're inclined to do better.

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