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Interview With The Super Endowed…

Posted April 4, 2014 by Kimani in Love. Life. Erotica.

Interview With the Super Endowed…


With the average penis size at 5.1 inches erect, men all over the world are trying everything to measure up. It seems almost absurd to wonder if any men worry about being too big. Today, I invite you to enter the world of a gentleman we’ll simply call “A.” He is what the world would consider far above average. I have interviewed him candidly to delve into the secret society of very endowed men, and to give you a quick peek inside his world.

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Kimi: What is your current measurement?

  • A: Officially, 11.625 (inches)


At what age did you realize you were above average in penis size?

  • – Second marking period, health glass in the 10th grade… So a little after my 16th birthday.  Dr. Kline spoke about the average size of an erect man and I laughed to the point of tears.


Are your partners ever intimidated by this gift?

  • – Most have a reaction, positive or negative. Intimidation can be one of those reactions.  I’ve also had an experience with a woman who was underwhelmed.  She didn’t want any partners that weren’t at least 12″ and refused to be intimate with me.

Do you disclose this before intercourse, or do you allow the individual to discover it?

  • – Tricky question.  It depends on the woman and how I met them.  I suppose it depends on my mindset, too.  There’s a time where I felt that all I had to offer was my size so I sought out women that would respond positively to it (aka size queens).  As I grew out of that phase, I wanted women to like me for who I was as a person so I concealed it for as long as I could.


Is there a downside to being extra endowed?

  • – I call it “the side show effect.”  Being objectified (when I don’t want to be, that is) sucks.  It becomes a turn off actually.  Being listed in someone’s phone as your measurements is a major turn off…

 Any bonuses to an extra large penis?

  • – When I was more vindictive/younger/more carefree about how I was received, I used sex as a weapon.  I’d be a liar if I didn’t use my size to get something or take advantage of a situation.  That’s the power of negative attention…

If you could go back 5 years, what would you change about your sex life?

  • – 5 years? Probably would have been celibate longer.

Share a funny/strange story that you’ve experienced because of your size.

  • – I guess its just strange the level of ignorance I had for my own body for so long.

When I was younger, I had this idea of being “normal” and I was dead set on being that no matter what.  The problem is, I thought part of being normal was my size matching my grade.  It was linear in that regard from the sixth grade.  So, 7th grade I thought I should be 7 inches and so on.

By the time I got to 9th grade, I was convinced that I wasn’t normal because I didn’t get to 9″ until about the third marking period.  Mark you, I was 15 years old.  When I had that health class the following year, I very literally couldn’t focus on anything else for a few weeks.  I went around asking ex girlfriends if they knew that I was bigger than the norm… I wanted to ask my dad but thankfully I didn’t.  Basically,  I was in a state of shock until I grew again in the 11th grade. By then, I hit 11″ and had a superiority complex.

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