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I Don’t Need Condoms – Why Use Them?

Posted June 11, 2014 by Kimani in Love. Life. Erotica.

From the Writer’s Desk: Initially, I was targeting the teens with this post – but I realize that many adults need to read this too. I have heard so many different theories on condom use – it’s time to clarify a few things for everyone. 

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1. “I use them for the first round, but not the rest…” Condoms are necessary throughout the entire sexual encounter. Especially if you and the other person are not in a committed relationship, this is crucial. Many diseases such as chlamydia and HPV (Genital Warts) are not always visible to the naked eye. Unless you are examining this person with a microscope, you are putting yourself at risk for disease.

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2. “It doesn’t feel as good” In this day and age, there are so many condoms to choose from – there’s never a reason to not have one on hand. In fact, it’s quite fun to explore the various options available. Ribbed, Extra Sensitive, Vibrating Ring, Her Pleasure, Pleasure Dots; why not pick up a box and try a new kind out every month? Every week? Fine, every day if you must!


Kimi’s Tip: If you’re worried about the condom losing it’s moisture – have a bottle of lube handy. I recommend Astroglide or H2O. Keeping lubrication nearby will keep the mood going and allow extended use of the condom. Never re-use a condom once sperm is inside of it. 



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3. “He will think I’m cheating if I ask to use one” If this is even a topic of discussion between you and your mate, you may be in the wrong relationship. Not only do condoms protect from disease, but they shield a woman from pregnancy – which never has to happen by accident. Better safe than sorry, right? Kimi’s Tip: Check out condoms with a vibrating ring attached, it will spice up the night and he’ll be so busy enjoying it he won’t complain.

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4. “I’m clean, so I don’t need them” You got tested and the doctor said you’re fine, right? Did your partner get tested with you? Why not? Unless both partners have been tested, there is no guarantee that either of you don’t have an STD/STI. Most OB/GYNs will allow partners to get tested together, as well as discuss options for protection. Men are less able to hide disease and infection, because the penis is an external organ. Women may carry diseases and go for years without knowing, because the vagina is not just one unit. Getting tested annually (or every six months) is the only way to guarantee that you are free of disease. If you are treated for a disease and your partner is not – there is a great chance that you will be re-infected without contraception. Condoms are your best bet to avoid this, as well as taking your partner to the doctor with you. Find a Health Center Near You

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5. It ruins the mood There’s more than one way to do everything, putting on a condom is no different. Try putting it on for him, without the use of your hands. Get creative, and it will enhance the mood! Kimi’s Tip: Try a female condom – you can insert it hours before sex, and he won’t be required to wear one. 6. “I’m Allergic to Latex” Quite a few natural, latex-free options are now available for your enjoyment. You can get all the sex, and none of the itchy allergic reaction. Kimi’s Tip: Try Sir Richard’s Condoms – proceeds from condom purchases go to providing contraceptives in underdeveloped and needy countries. Their product is all natural and sold at health food stores nationwide and in the UK. See reviews from regular people for Sir Richard’s Here.    Sources: H2O Lubrication: http://www.cheaplubes.com/system-jo-h2o-25oz.aspx Astroglide: http://www.astroglide.com/home.aspx Vibrating Ring: http://www.trojanvibrations.com/vibrators/intimate-vibrating-ring Female Condom: http://www.undercovercondoms.com/Condoms/Reality/3976/Female-Condom.html?kw=Female+Condoms+Exact+AGroup&gclid=CJrl9oOJw7ICFQQGnQodpGIAoA&utm_source=7&utm_medium=ppc&utm_term=Female%20Condoms%20Exact%20AGroup&utm_campaign=7

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A NY transplant in Florida, Kimani has taken on the task of educating the world on sexual health and education. The Mount Vernon native has seen AIDS and HIV spread through her community like wildfire, and hopes to cease the transmission of these and other diseases one person at a time. If you know better, you're inclined to do better.

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