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How Is Low Testosterone Treated?

Posted April 2, 2014 by Kimani in Sex Health
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How is Low Testosterone Treated?

But Wait, What is Low Testosterone?

Treatment options are available; including  (but not limited to):

What are treatments for low testosterone

Hormone therapy for low testosterone

Hormone Creams and Gels:

 The most common type of therapy is gel therapy, which is used by approximately 70% of patients. Men simply rub a gel onto their shoulders or upper arms after taking a shower.


How is low testosterone treated

Injections for Low Testosterone

Testosterone Injections and Patches

Bead implants are small plastic/silicone balls filled with testosterone. They are implanted under the “skin of the buttocks and the hormone is secreted over a 3-4 month period.


 Testosterone enters the bloodstream directly through these methods, offering an effective response. Oral testosterone exists, but experts believe they have negative effects on the blood stream.

What Can I Expect From Hormone Treatment?

Results vary by each individual, but most men see an improvement in energy level, sex drive and overall erection quality. Bone density, physical strength and muscle mass may increase in some men.

If you or your partner are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, be sure to seek the advice of a licensed physician. Self-diagnosis can lead to incorrectly treating a condition.


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