Erotica: "Leave the Lights On" by Sophia Ned-James


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Erotica: “Leave the Lights On” by Sophia Ned-James

Posted March 13, 2015 by Kimani in Love. Life. Erotica.

Every so often, it’s healthy to engage in a little imaginative thought – like erotica for example. Feast your mind on the latest sensual tale from our guest writer, Sophia Ned-James. May it inspire a little intimacy in your bedroom tonight…


By Sophia Ned-James


I’m a busy single mom and my boyfriend Royce* works all the time. So what little time we spend together is extra special because it’s pretty rare considering how close we are. And even rarer is the opportunity for us to travel out of town together.
Last weekend the stars aligned perfectly though, and we were finally able to escape from cold, snowy southeast Michigan. Royce was on a Thursday to Tuesday business trip in the south, but was free for the weekend. So he flew me out to where he’d booked us a nice room overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
Since our hotel was pretty far away from where he’d been staying for work, and since his last meeting ran a little longer than anticipated, I got to the room a couple of hours before him. That’s usually how we like it. I like being able to relax and get all sexy for him. He likes me to greet him naked and ready to go.
But this time I was fully clothed when he arrived. That wasn’t my plan, but I’d made an extra effort with my outfit that night. I was wearing a shirt that beautifully displayed my assets and some new jeans which made my ass look fantastic. I’d even left most of the lights on just so he could see how cute I looked.
What I was wearing didn’t matter, though. When I opened the door, Royce just brushed past me into the room, tugging at his tie. He said “Hi,” but didn’t even greet me with a kiss.


You know that got my back up. “What, no kiss?”
He turned to face me and I could tell by the look in his eyes that he wasn’t in the mood for small talk. Tossing his tie onto a chair, he pulled me into his arms for a quick kiss.
“We’ll kiss more, later,” he said. He steered me towards the bed. “Right now, I just want to taste you. I’ve been thinking about getting a taste all day!”
My attitude flew out the window. Royce meant business.
Unzipping my pants, I asked him to turn off some of the lights. He shook his head. “Uh-uh,” he said meeting my eyes. “We’re leaving the lights on … I wanna see my pussy.”

His deep voice, barely above a whisper, gave me goose bumps. I couldn’t get my pants off fast enough.

Other than his tie, he remained fully clothed and watched impatiently as I finally kicked my lacy panties aside. As I laid back, he grabbed my hips and pulled me to the edge of the bed. Was he a little rough? Maybe. But then he was on his knees with his face between my legs, feasting like a starving man.
What makes Royce so good at oral is that he genuinely loves to do it. He takes his time, never making me feel like I have to hurry up and cum so that he can be done with it. He’s patient and deliberate. He’s passionate. And he makes me feel as though my pleasure is the most important thing in the world.
This time was even sexier because he was still fully clothed and I was only naked from the waist down. It felt positively decadent when I rested my legs on his shoulders and he was still wearing his dress shirt.
It didn’t take long for Royce’s expert tongue to find the rhythm to take me to glory. I rocked and rolled my hips to the sexy dance choreographed by his mouth. At times I grabbed his head to guide him a little. But mostly, I clutched the sheets as I writhed and moaned.


He knows my body and read my signals like a pro. Our moves were synchronized for the most intense pleasure. Then, just as I began my final approach to satisfaction, Royce went into beast mode. I don’t know exactly what he was doing down there, but it was amazing. When I finally fell over the edge, I felt like I was floating on air.
I opened my eyes expecting to find Royce in some stage or other of undress. But he wasn’t. He was watching me as I floated back to earth with an expectant look on his face.
“You good?” He asked. I nodded. “Good. Now I want to eat you from the back. Turn over.”
I wasn’t prepared for that. I was looking forward to returning the favor and rocking his world with my mouth. I started to protest “But … wait … don’t you want me to …?”
He didn’t let me finish. “Baby, I told you. I’ve been thinking about doing this all day. Now turn that sexy ass over!”

What can a girl do but comply with such a request? Royce loves eating me from the back. I love it, too. I mean, what’s not to love about oral sex from any angle, right? But it usually takes me longer to cum that way. Besides, I was still all tingly from before.
Yet my man wanted to do this. And I wasn’t about to deny him. Climbing to my knees, I braced myself. But he started out nice and gentle, slowly teasing me back into a state of arousal.

It was good. It was really good. Again, he took his time, savoring me like I was his last meal. Feeling his tongue tickle my ass made me feel wanton and erotic. And somehow, the fact that he seemed to only graze my clit drove me crazy.
He kept at it until finally, I needed to cum. I spread my legs further and arched my back. This gave him even more access to that trembling bundle of nerves he’d been teasing. He got the hint and began the slow, rhythmic licking and sucking action that always gets me off.

As much as I wanted to thrust my pussy onto his face, I held back for fear that he’d release my clit from his lips. And I couldn’t let that happen because his lips were magic.
Silently begging him for just a little more pressure … yes, that’s it … right there … I heard moaning and realized it was me. Or maybe I was talking, saying aloud the words that would guide his tongue to the exact spot with just the right amount of force …
The explosion came from nowhere. It took me by surprise and was so jarring, I fell forward onto my stomach. I may have screamed but I can’t be sure, because all I could hear was the pounding of my own heart.
Still reeling, I rolled over just enough to be able look at Royce. He was standing by the bed, slowly undressing with a satisfied look on his face. His lips and beard were wet with my dew.


“Wow,” I said. My voice sounded scratchy. “That was intense!”
“I was on a mission,” he grinned.
“I could tell! But you know what I want now?”
“What do you want? You can have anything you want, Baby.”
As I got back onto my knees, I said “I want you inside me!”
I heard him tear open a condom and toss the wrapper onto the bed. “Your wish is my command!”

Nobody but nobody does it from the back like my guy! I mean, for real. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: he should bottle that shit and sell it!
From that initial penetration, Royce held nothing back. He wasn’t sweet or gentle. He conquered. He took. His thrusts were so powerful they pushed me forward on the bed. Of course, that earned me a couple of nice smacks on my ass, as he roughly pulled me back into position.
Now it was his moans that filled the room. Now it was Royce making his way to ecstasy. I loved that it was my body making him feel so good. His pleasure became my pleasure.
When he finally climaxed with my name on his lips, Royce collapsed on the bed beside me, panting as though he’d just run a marathon. Then he pulled me into his arms and kissed me tenderly. We fell asleep with the lights still on and me still wearing my cute shirt.

And that was how we began our brief, but enjoyable mini-vacation together. Getting away really did me some good, too. I mean, what better way to recharge after such a long and dreary Michigan winter?

*Royce isn’t his real name, of course. I keep his government name a secret to protect his privacy. Besides, I always change the names and a few details to protect the not-so-innocent!

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