It's Not Too Late! Simple Tips for Singles to Find a Date


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It’s Not Too Late! Simple Tips for Singles to Find a Date…

Posted February 5, 2015 by Kimani in Love. Life. Erotica.
Valentine’s Day is literally advertised as a holiday for lovers and couples, but what about the single people out there? If you’re looking for smart, effective strategies to help you get a quality date for Valentine’s Day – look no further. I snagged professional dating coach Todd Valentine and he’s got some great tips to help you get your dating life together this Love Day. 

If someone asked me to get a date by Valentine’s Day, I’d laugh and ask, “How many?” You see, I’ve been a professional dating coach for thirteen years, and it’s my job to get people out of their houses and into the arms of the people they desire. Ten years ago that would have been my exact advice: Get out of the house. The single biggest reason people don’t find dates is not because of boring conversation, asymmetrical faces, or poor hygiene, but the lack of interactions with their targeted demographic. If this sounds like a marketing ploy, keep reading, because that’s essentially what you do when you use online dating; my recommendation for getting quick, reliable dates in the 20-teens.

Now, online dating isn’t the only way. You could ask your friends or family to set you up. You could attend singles events before or even on the night of V-Day. You could hit up clubs and bars for numbers. In fact, all of these are great ideas because again, if you want a date, the key is giving yourself as many opportunities as possible.

But back to online dating. Can you imagine a medium in which you could interact with hundreds of people in a matter of minutes? And can you imagine that all of these people are not only open to a relationship but actively seeking one? Imagine further, that you can search specific criteria when looking for your date, i.e. height, religion, body fat percentage, etc. Well, that’s what modern online dating offers. Also, if you want a good date, people online are probably on average more literate and can at least afford a computer or smartphone. And if they turn out to be crazy? It’s a lot less awkward to end things.

So how do you do online dating effectively? If you’re a woman, pick your best photos—get some pro shots taken, if you must—and prepare yourself to be buried in messages. Do try to make sure your profile is not too psychotic. If you’re too lazy to write a profile? Go on Tinder.

If you’re a guy, on the other hand, here’s some advice I usually charge men for:

  1. Make your profile stand out. I once saw this on Tinder, and I think it’s right on: “I’d rather be someone’s shot of whiskey than everyone’s cup of tea.”

  2. Keep your first message short but memorable. And winking, liking, or swiping right works too. The point is, you’re better off contacting a lot of people and letting your pictures and profile do the work than writing a perfect message to every stranger. Cast your net wide.

  3. Last one: cut to the chase. Don’t become someone’s online buddy. Once the conversation is good, move to phone numbers and/or a meet-up sooner rather than later. Remember, girls are online because they want to go on dates too.

Again, this isn’t to say online dating is the only way to go. When you have more choices, you won’t just get any date; you’ll get a date you’ll actually enjoy on Valentine’s Day. So put yourself out there in the real world as well as, of course, online.

About Todd Valentine:

“My goal is to teach you what I’ve learned the hard way about pickup, self-development and life in the most efficient, and hopefully fairly entertaining, manner possible.”

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