Can I Get Carpal Tunnel From Masturbation?


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Can I Get Carpal Tunnel From Masturbation?

Posted April 17, 2014 by Kimani in Sex Health
Carpal Tunnel Treatment

It may seem like a trivial question, but if you know what I know -this is actually one that has a great answer.

So, can you get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from masturbation?


First, let’s talk about the scientific stuff first. What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Masturbation

What Is Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel is one of the most common nerve entrapment syndromes. The median nerve is compressed at the wrist, causing many symptoms.  Paresthesia is most common; a Sensations of tingling, tickling, prickling,  pricking or burning with no long term physical effects. Essentially, the main signs of Carpal Tunnel are numbness and clumsiness of the hands.

Carpal Tunnel Masturbation

Can I Get Carpal Tunnel from Masturbation?

Now, to the question at hand – can you get CT through masturbation? The answer is yes.

Damage from CT is created after repetitive use of the hand(s) in the same motion. Individuals may experience weakening of the muscles,  making gripping other items a challenge. For a man, his hand may begin to cramp when making cupping motions.  For a woman, focal points may vary based on how she masturbates (manually, with a toy or both). Either way, both males and females are capable of developing this disorder.

Carpal Tunnel and Masturbation

How Do I Treat Carpal Tunnel?

How Do I Prevent Carpal Tunnel?

Typically, people protect their hands from Carpal Tunnel with the use of hand braces and special gloves. This may prove to be both uncomfortable and unsanitary if masturbating. Consider alternating hands on the days/times you masturbate in order to give your hands a break. Using stimulation aides like toys may also alleviate some of the pressure applied when pleasuring oneself.

How Do I Treat It? 

There are a few exercises that can alleviate much of the pain endured by carpal tunnel hands.

Easy Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Reilief

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