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Awkward Question: How Are Masturbation Sleeves Made?

Posted February 11, 2014 by Kimani in Le Vadge Shop

I know you’ve been gazing at your toy wondering who came up with such an idea – but do you ever want to know how it’s made? Today we’ll take a look at how the infamous Fleshlight is manufactured, and for your time  – you’ll get a sweet discount on your own masturbation sleeve. You ready?

Masturbation sleeves are used by men to pleasure themselves without having to feel the touch of their own hands. They are shaped like various orifices to suit many preferences. Some of the world’s most popular porn stars have been casted to create fleshlights in the shape of their genitals. In this video, the beautiful Riley Steele casts her mouth and anus for two featured Fleshlights.

Riley Steele

Fleshlights and masturbation sleeves aren’t just for solo play – I’ve created a video on how your partner can join in on the fun.

Video: How to Use a Male Masturbation Sleeve

Handy Sleeve with Manga Box

Handy Sleeve with Manga Box

Enjoy 10% off your very own masturbation sleeve with the code: VADGEHND

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