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Awkward Question: Having the Period Talk With Your Child

Posted November 19, 2012 by Kimani in Love. Life. Erotica.

Question: How do you explain your monthly cycle to your three year old??

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It all depends on the level of understanding your child has at this age. Developmentally,  each child is different. If he/she is present while you are having your menstrual cycle and see the blood themselves, it may be a good idea to talk about it. Let’s make a scenario.

Child: Mommy, I see blood!

Mom: It’s okay [insert your term of endearment here], Mommy is having her period.

Child: What’s a period?


  • Women have a uterus, something like a balloon inside the tummy where babies grow.
  • Every month, mommy’s uterus changes in case she is going to have a baby.
  • If no baby is coming, there is blood that comes out. This is called menstruation.
  • Pads are used to absorb the blood.

Using proper terminology is crucial so as not to confuse the child in any way. While they may not understand every part of the conversation (i.e. the uterus, menstruation word), they need to know the correct anatomy words for later in life.

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Conversation Tips: 

Keep your wording simple. “Period” may be a better word to use than “menstruation.”

Go straight to the point. Children lose interest and attention easily, and you want them to get the gist of that conversation.

Don’t get too graphic. Your toddler doesn’t need to see menstrual blood, and viewing a pad is only necessary if they have walked in on you using one. As they get older and more mature, you can introduce new pieces of information.

If they don’t understand right away, that’s fine – give them time to process it and try again at another time. There will be plenty more periods to come.



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