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Keep Your Vadge Yeast-Free With these 6 Tips

Posted September 15, 2016 by Kimani in Sex Health

Keep Your Vadge Yeast-Free With these 6 Tips

We love summer as much as you do, but all this heat and moisture isn’t always peachy for your vagina. Everyone knows, if you’re vagina isn’t happy, nobody is!

I’ve teamed up with Monistat this week  to talk about the top 6 tips for a happy vagina:

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1)      Go Commando:

That’s right – take those panties off and let your vagina breathe! It needs fresh air just like the rest of us, so go bare and let your vagina “air out.”

2)      Lace Your Vadge in Cotton:

Okay, you may not want to go commando all summer long so if you’re gonna wear panties, make sure they’re 100% cotton – cotton helps absorb moisture and keeps things dry down there. This is especially important in hot weather when sweat follows us everywhere.

3)    Say No to Scented Soaps:

We all love a good summer-scented soap but they’re full of chemicals and perfume that can be drying and harsh on skin. Your vagina is a sensitive flower so there’s no need to use anything to make it smell like one!

Plus, our vaginas are self-cleaning so all you need is some warm water and unscented products, if you must. This is one of the best ways to avoid irritation and stay yeast-free.

4)      Use Condoms:

Not only do condoms protect against STDs and unwanted pregnancy but they also help keep your vagina’s pH level in check so all of those good bacteria can live comfortably and do their jobs fighting off UTIs and yeast infections.

5)      Remove Wet Bathing Suits:

Wearing a wet suit leaves residue of pool chemicals and bacteria from oceans and lakes, not to mention the moisture and heat that’s a breeding ground for yeast infections.

If you’re not drying off quickly from the sun, make sure you change into dry underwear or new bathing suit immediately.

6)      Pay Attention To Your Vagina:

Yes, your vagina needs lots of TLC. And if something doesn’t feel right, address is quickly – don’t wait. Summer’s a big season for yeast infections, which you can easily treat with Monistat (it’s Over The Counter, so you can find it at any drug store).

If you’re unsure, you may need to see your doctor to check out what else is going on “down south.”

Monistat offers a lineup of products geared towards keeping the vagina happy and yeast-free. Check out some of their products below; and please consult with your doctor if you’re experiencing vaginal discomfort.

Monistat 1 – Vaginal Antifungal Insert

  • Designed to alleviate symptoms and treat infection

  • Aloe and vitamin E soothe, calm and refresh the skin

  • Relieves symptoms of itching and irritation

  • Designed for external vaginal use

Monistat Vaginal Health Test

  • It might not be a yeast infection, test before you treat

  • The same accurate test used by doctors

  • One step, highly accurate test provides easy to read results

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