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Why You Need Kimi’s Awesome Sauce In Your Bedroom Tonight…

Posted May 15, 2014 by Kimani in Le Vadge Shop

It’s raining. Lighting flashes, thunder rolls – your partner finally stops watching the game. It’s time.

“Lightning flash, and thunder roll…”

But, how do you start it off differently from the last session?

**Cues saxophone solo and Michael Bolton**

How about a little body chocolate?

ShineNatural LLC was awesome enough to name this sensual body butter after me in celebration of my first event. I have fallen in love with the product – they can pay me in Awesome Sauce.

Kimi's Awesome Sauce by ShineNatural

This post is straight to the point. I like all-natural food. The ingredients in Kimi’s Awesome Sauce are very simple:

1. Almond Oil

2. Coconut Oil

3. Shea Butter

4. Beeswax

5. Cocoa Powder

6. Honey

7. Vanilla Bean

8. Glycerin

8 things that can make your night very special. Since the ingredients are food-based, you can pretty much put this chocolate


Coconut oil is a naturally anti-bacterial food. Shea butter and almond oil nourish the skin. Honey has anti-oxidant and moisturizing benefits and the natural aphrodisiac Vanilla just tastes so good.

I love the taste of it, and it leaves this light trace of coconut oil that can be used as a gentle lubricant, lip balm or body moisturizer. It’s multipurpose and a little goes a long way.

So – with that said. It is currently raining, and I have a fresh tin of Awesome Sauce on my nightstand waiting to be warmed up. Just rub a little between your fingers, or let the tin sit in a bowl of warm water. The party has just begun…

Night Vadgesters!

Get your Awesome Sauce at LeVadge Shop now – for only $10! 

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