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Awkward Question: Help – Save My Marriage!!

Awkward Question: Help – Save My Marriage!! I’ve been going back and forth with myself in regards to actually sending you this email for months now. I thought I could fix it on my own but it is obvious to me now aft...

Awkward Question: Can My Vagina Fall Out?

an my vagina fall out? The answer is yes, but probably not for the reasons you think. This event is called Vaginal Prolapse, and is quite common. Prolapse takes place when muscles are strained beyond their ability to stay in p...

My First Trip to the OB/GYN – What Should I Expect?

I don’t want anyone poking around in my stuff – what exactly do they do in there? 

Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Can I Get Carpal Tunnel From Masturbation?

It may seem like a trivial question, but if you know what I know -this is actually one that has a great answer. So, can you get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from masturbation?   First, let’s talk about the scientific stuff...

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