Squirting 101 – Can You Master the Phenomenon?


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Squirting 101 – Can You Master the Phenomenon?

Posted January 12, 2015 by Kimani in Sex Health

The topic of squirting has been flying around all my social media pages. On Facebook, we debate if it’s pee or not. On Instagram, guys profess their love for the art and on Twitter – it’s a free for all. Today, class – we’re going to do a little experiment. Can you actually squirt?

Before we start the lesson – understand one simple fact; not everyone can squirt. So far, the general consensus is that female ejaculate comes from the Skene’s gland, located near the urethra. Scientists are still trying to understand the phenomenon, and many say that the gland may not be located inside of every woman (similar to the g-spot).

But, is squirting pee?

The short answer is no. I’ll spare you the boring anatomy details, but to date, studies show that the Skene’s gland is located near the urethra. It appears to drain its fluids into the urethra – which is why some believe that what comes out is urine. If and when you get the pleasure of squirting, a simple sniff (or taste) test will reveal that it is in fact not pee.

So – how do I squirt?

Squirting is not a simple flick of a switch; there are techniques that need to be used for some women. One technique, which tends to be easiest, is done in the missionary position. This gives your partner leverage when trying to locate the g-spot, where stimulation often leads to ejaculation (cum). Let’s walk through a few steps, shall we?

1. Make sure your environment is clean.

There’s nothing more annoying than sleeping on the wet spot. Consider laying down an extra blanket or a towel before starting your experiment. Your partner’s nails should be clean and neatly manicured. I don’t have to tell you what can happen if they aren’t.

2. Use lots of lubrication.

Whether you make your own wetness or use your favorite brand, it is crucial to be very wet for this experiment. I always suggest good quality water based lubricant (unless bases are necessary). Foreplay is helpful for this part.

3. Lay on your back.

Have your partner gently place his/her hand on your lower abdomen, right above the vagina. Take the other hand, insert the index and middle finger. Make a slight hook shape with the two fingers. Tell your partner to:

· Feel for the g-spot (if applicable). It is a spongy, somewhat textured little knob inside the vaginal cavity. It may take some time to stimulate this area, take your time and enjoy yourself.

· Gently, rub the two fingers back and forth over the g-spot, gradually picking up speed and intensity.

· As speed and intensity increase, so should sensation. Keep going until orgasm is achieved.

· Note: At no point should this activity feel painful or uncomfortable. Stop and reposition if it does, and consider adding more lubrication.

Using this method appears to be the most effective in finding and stimulating the correct area, but can be done in other positions, too. Don’t be afraid to switch up and try something else.

Are you a visual learner? Check out this (NSFW) video tutorial.



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