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Spray-On Condoms – Could This Be the New Wave in Sexual Technology?

Posted September 20, 2012 by Kimani in Love. Life. Erotica.

Many men complain that condoms don’t fit right; they’re too snug, too loose, you lose sensation, they get lost. So many reasons not to wear them, which gives so many ways to contract disease or cause pregnancy. Germany’s own Jan Vinzenz Krause is perfecting what he calls the Spray-On Condom. the German sexual-health educator designed a custom-fitting male contraceptive using liquid latex and some materials from a hardware store. “I felt a little like MacGyver,” he says of building the contraption.(Time, 2008)

With over 5 billion condoms being sold every year, it’s no wonder that someone would come up with this genius invention. When correctly used, they protect against most STD’s and STI’s, as well as AIDS and HIV – not to mention pregnancy. Companies are in constant competition to create innovative ways to enjoy contraception; vibrating rings, ribbed and other textures, female condoms are all options for your pleasurable pleasure. Don’t forget ultra thin – there’s no excuse these days.

The fact remains that penises exist in all types of shapes and sizes, which was the catalyst for Professor Krause’s quest to universally customize the condom. “The prototype, which began testing last year, consists of a hard plastic tube with nozzles that spray liquid latex from all directions, much like the water jets in the tunnel of a car wash. According to Krause, there are numerous advantages to his spray-on condom. “The condom fits 100% perfectly, so the safety is much higher than a standard condom’s, and it feels more natural.”

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The major drawback with this design, is that the latex takes too long to dry. In order to be practical, a matter of seconds is the maximum that most would wait for the condom to be ready. Unfortunately, the latex takes 3-5 minutes to vulcanize, which makes it impractical.

 That has kept the spray-on condom on hold indefinitely until a faster-drying latex comes along. Meanwhile, Krause is tackling the size problem by preparing to launch a line of condoms in six sizes, instead of the usual one or two. They should be available in Europe starting in September and in the U.S. possibly as early as 2010.

“Having condoms in different sizes we think is a good and smart idea,” says David Johnson, group product manager of Trojan Brand Condoms. Trojan’s parent company, Church and Dwight, makes nearly 8 out of 10 condoms sold in the U.S. But different-size condoms introduce their own problems: namely, men aren’t very eager to buy a small size. Trojan’s Magnum line, whose condoms are 15% bigger than regular ones, accounts for 13% of the U.S. market. But when the company introduced a smaller condom several years ago, it had to discontinue it.

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Krause says men are reluctant to go to a drugstore cashier with a box of small-size condoms — for obvious reasons. His solution: he plans to sell his new line of different-size condoms online. “Men on the Web,” he says, “they are very honest.”

For now, this is merely just a dream – but with all the options available, there’s so many to explore! Keep trying until you find one that tickles your fancy. Here are some suggestions:

Need More Space?

Magnum XL 

Classic Kinda Guy:

Trojan ENZ

Added Sensation:

Trojan Charged, Trojan Sensations, Trojan Ecstasy

Durex PleasureMax

All Natural (Latex Free):

Trojan NaturalLamb Luxury 

Sir Richard’s 




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