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Why Is My Sex Drive So Low?

Posted November 14, 2013 by Kimani in Sex Health
Poor Diet Kills Sex Drive

When things go wrong during intercourse, most individuals chalk it up to the usual excuses; nervousness, environmental distractions or lack of attraction. However, if none of those factors are present – one must look further to find the true answers. Lack or decrease in libido can be caused by changes in a man or woman’s dietary regimen, so if you’ve been feeling less than frisky lately – this may be why.


Foods that Kill Sex Drive:

Foods That Kill Sex Drive

Eating too much soy may kill the mood


Don’t worry about developing “man boobs” if you have small amounts of soy in your diet, but excess amounts of the legume-derived products (soy milk, tofu and sauce) can drastically reduce the levels of testosterone in the blood and decrease your love drive, according to a study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
Researchers found that men who consumed 120 mg of soy a day had a decrease in testosterone. And if you’re working on becoming a dad, make sure you cut down or delete it entirely from your diet; a 2008 study in the journal Human Reproduction found that soy can lower a man’s sperm count.

Graham Crackers:

Graham Crackers Low Sex Drive

Graham Crackers pack libido-crushing carbs

Dr. Sylvester Graham created Dr. Graham’s Honey Biskets in 1829, in the hopes that  the graham meal would “suppress any carnal desires” (i.e. masturbation or intercourse). Although this was never proven scientifically at the time, Dr. Graham’s theory may have a valid point.

Refined carbohydrates in general and such as those loaded into graham crackers, can possibly cancel any plans to get freaky. Excess refined carbohydrates (bleached white flour) can zap testosterone levels. Sugars from refined carbs will not only make a man gain weight but can raise the level of estrogen and deplete his testosterone levels. Lack of testosterone = lack of arousal.

Alcohol Kills Sex Drive

Beware of pre-gaming too hard before game time

Too Much Alcohol:

While a drink or two may make you feel brave, Alcohol is a known cause of drowsiness and  lack of coordination. Combine that with sleepiness and you have the recipe for sexual disappointment.  “Alcohol can take a toll on your sexual prowess causing erectile difficulties, trouble achieving orgasm and premature ejaculation,” says Amy Levine, sex coach and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure. “If you have one too many, you’re likely going to feel less inhibited.” Work on having two to three drinks max if you want to be ready to go later.

Red Meat Kills Sex Drive

Added hormones may have you beating your meat…

Red Meat:

Foods that contain added hormones or antibiotics, such as some red meats, are a huge sex offender by unbalancing a man’s natural hormones when consumed in excess. Sometimes, certain savory foods can even affect secretions like semen, sweat, urine and breath, according to Levine. Examples of the biggest offenders are asparagus, garlic, certain spice and dairy products, which can all lead to some not-so-pleasant scents and tastes. “Sweet citrus fruits like pineapple and flavors like vanilla, tend to make men and women tastier, although you may have to ingest a significant amount to notice,” says Levine.


Read about food and its effect on your “taste” here. 


Overall, red meat has its pluses when consumed lean and in moderation. It’s a great source of protein and zinc, which is key to muscle-building and zapping fat. Opt for leaner cuts with round or loin in the name or a classic filet mignon. If you can, stick to farm-raised meat and grass-fed beef for your hormone free dietary needs.

Poor Diet Kills Sex Drive

Epic meals should be reserved for once in a lifetime.


The root cause of excess weight gain is overeating, which is the number one killer of men’s sex drives. According to Corey B. Schuler, functional medicine nutritionist at the Metabolic Treatment Center, “The worst food that a man can have for his sex drive is too much of it,” he says.

“Diet accelerates the aging process. Anyone carrying extra weight from ages 35 to 60 is accelerating the aging process—anyone living a high stress, poor diet and no exercise lifestyle. Midsection increase is probably the number one reason for lost sex drive.” A good diet equals good sex. “People ask if there’s some magic to it, but it’s nothing like that,” says Yarian. “The better the person’s diet is, the more healthy their sex drive.”


Read more about healthy eating and boosting your mojo here. 


Keep in mind that these are not always the reasons why having sex is difficult. Other underlying issues may play a role; such as psychological stresses, physical illness, low testosterone or estrogen or erectile dysfunction. If the problem persists for more than two to three occasions, seek the advice of a medical professional.

Poor diet kills sex drive

Could your favorite daily snack take the flavor out the bedroom?









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