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Romantic Dates that Won’t Break The Bank (Featuring Groupon)

Posted February 28, 2017 by Kimani in Reviews

Romantic Dates that Won’t Break The Bank (Featuring Groupon)

Hubby has progressively been getting better with planning date nights for us. It’s not like he didn’t pick good places to go before, but I am actually impressed with his selections over the past year or so. I’ve been all “Oh my goodness, how much did you spend on this?” until I figured out his secret.

He’s been using Groupon.


It’s funny, because I’ve used Groupon to buy cool items like electronics or discounts on breakfast at restaurants I frequent (I’m looking at you, Einstein’s). I never really thought to buy event tickets there. Well, he changed my mind!


[Note: This post contains a sponsored link to Groupon, but the opinions are all me!]



For Valentine’s, he surprised me with a 90 minute boat ride around Fort Lauderdale. It was supposed to include a meal on a private island, but the bridge was inconveniently being serviced. Nonetheless, we had a great time cruising on the sunny day on the Jungle Queen, fantasizing about our future home.




We saw a Jamaican flag on the back of a boat, and it belonged to Usain Bolt! Funny enough, there was a group of fellow Islanders behind us who cheered as well. Seeing that was such a treat, and definitely made us proud.



The views were breathtaking and the breeze was perfect. Both of us migrated to South Florida from northern locations (he Canada and I New York), so we really can appreciate a good, warm day.

I really appreciated the money he saved, because I splurged on such a surf and turf meal – I couldn’t even stop to take a pic! All I could get you guys was a photo of my dessert before I dove in.



So, the moral of the story is – don’t underestimate Groupon. You get the opportunity to save on awesome events and splurge on other parts of your date. Trust me, he/she will be impressed. I sure was!


Have you ever used Groupon for a date? Tell us more about it! 


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