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Posted February 2, 2014 by Kimani in Love. Life. Erotica.

So, how can Post-Partum Compression wear help you?

It is said that a woman must allow herself the same duration that she was pregnant to lose the pregnancy weight. Four months into motherhood, and losing the baby weight was a breeze. For some new mothers, however – getting rid of the pooch proves to be a longer lasting task. 

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Most (if not all) Caribbean and Latina women know about “faja’s;” they are the shape-wear that many women wear under clothing to smooth the silhouette. After childbirth, many mothers of the new mom will assist her in obtaining shapewear and help to put them on during the daily routine. The faster shape-wear is worn, the faster the healing process can begin. 

 The easiest form of faja is the unitard. It holds you in everywhere. Now, if you have a large stomach it won’t be hidden – but it does smooth out the appearance. This is also beneficial after a c-section as it helps to hold your tender organs in place. The panty-like closure is more comfortable for c-section moms because the pressure is displaced evenly. Mesh unitards can be worn in the shower if necessary, and dried off while getting dressed. I’ll talk about waist shapers at another time.



Compression helps curb hunger by minimizing the space a stomach has to expand, as well as flatten the stomach while the uterus and other organs shift back into place. It is often a lifesaver when getting in and out of bed, because all of the organs are held firmly in place. It saved my life during the first few weeks home with baby.


The best part is, it’s undetectable under your clothes. The healing process is your business alone. No one needs to comment on your methods or judge you for them. Check out my pictures and you’ll understand.



I hope to start more rigorous ab work this week, but my incision is still healing so I have to be careful. I am in no rush, as my husband and I are enjoying the new hips and butt I have gained through pregnancy. It offsets the stomach 🙂 



Ready to get more extreme? Read more about Aggressive Waist Training…


Feel free to contact me for more questions about compression shapewear for postpartum recovery. I’m always available at, or in the contact box below. Talk to you soon!

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