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2015 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide |

Hey Vadgesters! I finally get the chance to make a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – and this one is extra awesome because it’s a giveaway! Each guide is designed with everyone in mind; they will vary in price poin...

How Many Is Too Many Men to Sleep With?

Body Count: How Many Men is too Many to Sleep with?   As women we are often taught that our sexuality is something we lose. You lose your virginity; you lose your innocence and your purity. A woman’s sexuality and sexua...

Squirting 101 – Can You Master the Phenomenon?

The topic of squirting has been flying around all my social media pages. On Facebook, we debate if it’s pee or not. On Instagram, guys profess their love for the art and on Twitter – it’s a free for all. Today, class – ...

Apple Cider Vinegar: The Coochie Cleaning Cure-All?

Hey Vadgesters!  Today, I want to answer your questions about Apple Cider Vinegar. It has so many uses – who knew it could cleanse your vagina? Check out these tips, and an affiliate link to get your own ACV on

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