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Manetabolism Hair Review – Get Your Sexy Up…

Posted January 31, 2015 by Kimani in Reviews
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My Manetabolism Hair Review…

Hey Vadgesters! It may seem strange for me to be reviewing a hair product, but I truly like to promote elevated self-esteem. When you feel sexy, you look sexy and vice-versa, so working on self improvement is very important. I received a bottle of Manetabolism vitamins in exchange for my honest review – and here it is! My first three weeks so far have been interesting. Check out my new video for a full description.


What I experienced from using Manetabolism for three weeks:

  • Stronger nails

  • Faster growth in hair and nails

  • Hair growth on my head

  • Hair growth elsewhere…

  • I have eyebrows now!


I didn’t mind the size of the pills, I have swallowed bigger with no problem. They went down smooth with a glass of water, and I continue to drink water throughout the day.

One thing I really like about Manetabolism is that the CEO uses her own products – and her hair is beautiful!


VIa Instagram: @Courtneynaturalhair

VIa Instagram: @Courtneynaturalhair

Via Instagram:  @CourtneyNaturalHair

Via Instagram: @CourtneyNaturalHair

Next Up: The Ingredient List. What’s in it?


Have you tried Manetabolism before? Share your experience with me!

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