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Sexy, Affordable Getaways – Little River Inn

Posted August 21, 2015 by Kimani in Reviews
Little River Inn

Sexy, Affordable Getaways – Little River Inn

In the day to day grind, even the most well-balanced individual needs a break. Travel commercials litter the televisions and billboards, but they are expensive! As a business professional and traveler, I find joy in discovering quality, beautiful vacation spots that won’t break the bank. Today, we’ll take a look at the Little River Inn and its great amenities. I’m sure you’ll fall in love…

Little River Inn

Little River Inn



First, I like the “home away from home” vibe that I get from Little River Inn; it makes me feel welcome just by looking at the photos. The building looks well-kept, the furniture is modern yet gives a comfortable vibe, as if you’re visiting a favorite family member. The views, however – look amazing and are perfect for a romantic getaway with your partner.


Little River Inn

I mean – look out that window! Can you imagine waking up there next to your lover? I can.

Actually, I can picture myself waking up here alone, too. This makes a great Mommy’s Getaway location – think about grabbing a few girlfriends and running away for the weekend instead. There are weekend packages available to cater to your relaxation needs.


Little River Inn

The Vibe:

While relaxing at the in-house bar (Ole’s Whale Watch Bar), you can still enjoy the beautiful view. I dream of the quiet crash of waves while I enjoy cute conversation and the lull of ocean sounds. Mendocino looks like a beautiful place and I am so eager to get there and experience it. Little River Inn has definitely piqued my interest in California even more.

Little River Inn

Screenshot 2015-08-20 20.31.34

The view is just – amazing.


This place is luxuriously filled with packages to suit your needs. I looked at each special to find one that sounds like a great fit for myself and hubby. There will be no children on this trip, so the Luxury Spa Package was my first choice. It includes two nights and an ocean view. Add some wine to this and I am in heaven. Did I mention the price for two is crazy good? I can’t even say it here, I feel like it may disappear!

So, if you’re looking to do some quick traveling and take a break from the mundane – check out Little River Inn. Find some cheap airline tickets and get yourself to Mendocino for a few days of rest, romance and relaxation.

For More Information – check out Little River Inn’s website.

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