Hustler Hollywood Gets a Facelift - Larry Flynt Interview


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Hustler Hollywood Gets a Facelift – Larry Flynt Interview

Posted June 9, 2015 by Kimani in Love. Life. Erotica.
Hustler Hollywood

Guess who snagged an interview with the iconic Larry Flynt? Me! We chatted about Hustler Hollywood and the sleek, sexy new look it’s been re-birthed with. While I thought the original logo was cute, this new typography style is far more sleek, sexy and discreet – just like Hustler stores…

Larry Flynt Hustler Hollywood


Kimi LeVadge – What inspired the new look of HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD?

Larry Flynt –  It was time to modernize and create a more sophisticated look for the brand.  It’s a reflection of our products and our customers. 

K.L.V. – How has being a pioneer in the adult industry shaped the direction of HUSTLER in 2015?

Flynt – Being a pioneer requires that you take chances and anticipate change. We are constantly doing that in all of our businesses, from publishing to retail to gaming.  You can’t be stagnant – evolving with the times and knowing what people want now and in the future is important.  I also learned very early that diversification is key, as technology is constantly changing.  That’s why there are so many different, successful businesses under the LFP umbrella. 

K.L.V. – Do you use social media? If so, which one’s your favorite? If not – would you?

Flynt: I have a twitter account, but no Facebook page.

K.L.V. – Your company is doing great and is secretly a household name. Are people becoming more comfortable with sex?

Flynt – Absolutely people are becoming more comfortable, as they should be.  Barriers are breaking down little by little, but changes are happening.  The media, from blogs to TV shows and movies to news programming, is accelerating the shift in attitude. The information that is infiltrating the mainstream is allowing people to realize that it’s okay to like sex and talk about it freely and openly


About the new Hustler Hollywood

“Shedding the flaming heart and sporting a sleeker, bolder logo, HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD is completely rebranding itself as a smarter, sexier and unapologetic modern lifestyle conglomerate.

Refocusing its attention on a wide range of products, HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD now offers both HUSTLER and non-HUSTLER apparel, accessories, gifts, jewelry, beauty, lingerie and swimwear items. Every HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD store will now provide a full, broad and diverse shopping experience with consumer interest specifically in mind.

Along with a new logo comes a new look for the stores themselves.  Ten of the current 13 locations have undergone remodels within the past two years, and the facelifts are providing a sleek, sophisticated look and feel to enhance the enjoyable shopping experience.

The re-branding is powered by the new tagline: “Smart. Sexy. Unapologetic.” The statement embodies HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD’s mission, vision and attitude in the spirit of the Company’s compelling, iconic founder, Larry Flynt.

“In the past year, we have developed an experienced and qualified team of professionals from a variety of backgrounds, bringing a fresh approach to our business,” said Philip Del Rio, HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD’s Vice President of Retail Operations, who himself has a background in fashion retail, with companies such as Ed Hardy, AG Jeans and Superdry. “With a new brand and new mindset, we’re ready to take our stores and our customers to the next level.”

Be on the lookout for a HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD store near you, as expansion continues with four additional locations planned to open before the end of this year.

For more information, please visit our website and check us out on social media @HustlerStores”

Hustler Hollywood

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