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How to Use a Penis Sleeve (Video)

Posted September 4, 2014 by Kimani in Reviews

How to Use a Penis Sleeve

I’ve had people asking what a penis sleeve is for – and as we know, I love a good tutorial. Silicone penis sleeves are typically used to add girth and length to a penis during intercourse. Many of them have ridged textures for added pleasure sensation, but there are quite a few that are smooth as well. They will be available shortly at LeVadge Shop – but until then, take a look at my new video!

There are so many different sleeves to try; smooth, ribbed, ridges, studded, vibrating – the possibilities for pleasure are endless.  You may wonder why you’d want to try a penis sleeve, the question is – why wouldn’t you? The sleeve adds length and girth to the penis shaft, which allows penises of various sizes to touch erogenous zones they may not ordinarily have been able to. This creates a more intense sexual experience, and often increases the chances for orgasm.


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