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Freaky Friday: “The Experience. ..”

Posted June 3, 2014 by Kimani in Love. Life. Erotica.

A titillating reader – submitted tale of “world” domination…

I have always been one for sexual adventure. I say, as the Gemini I am, try everything at least once. Keeping that motto in mind, know that this experience was one that was truly unexpected.

I was told by a friend that a guy she knew was interest in me. Not the interested as in he wanted to date, he was interested in my sexual abilities. He heard from my friend how dominating I was and he liked the fact that I was Black. I knew he wanted me to push him around a bit and also that he had a fetish for women and strap on dildos but his fetish ran way deeper than just that.

When I got to his house, he already had a 10 in long 3 or 4 in. thick in his possession. So, I did exactly what I went there for. He bent over and I ruled him. Now, the surprise didn’t come until he started with the dirty talk that included talking about how “big” I was, how upset his parents would be if they knew he liked being dominated by a Black woman as well as other comments of the like. He later revealed that he also wanted to redo the experience, but in lace.

It was a true experience indeed.

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A NY transplant in Florida, Kimani has taken on the task of educating the world on sexual health and education. The Mount Vernon native has seen AIDS and HIV spread through her community like wildfire, and hopes to cease the transmission of these and other diseases one person at a time. If you know better, you're inclined to do better.

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