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Foreplay: The Not So Crash Course on the First Course of Intercourse by Taste the Thoughts

Posted November 15, 2012 by Kimani in Love. Life. Erotica.

Foreplay. My favorite part of sex…

Not just because it includes “Mouths Down” my favorite pre sex act – but because in most instances the orgasms are often deeper and more breathtaking than the ones I receive from penetration. Every so often we need to slow it down and not rush into sex; allow your tongues to explore not just the genital anatomy of your partner but their entire physical makeup. Gently lick from their earlobes and trace their cheek bone to their bottom lip and suck on it before you go in for the kiss…

Yeah your blood’s pumping now isn’t it? Well, get comfy folks and taste the rest of my thoughts as I share some tips on this erogenous experience.

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First thing’s first, foreplay does not start the moment you see each other. It starts the moment you’re out of sight. I like to think of it as that all day anticipation of the expectation of some good extra loving. You know that sexy text you get while at work

“my nipples miss your touch” or “my mouth is wet at the thought of licking your head” OW!

It has been my experience that these messages are best went sent at a moment your partner least expects. You can also leave them sexy voicemails on their cell phones and even text them naughty pics of your sexy bits if you are in a trusting relationship. Emails also work, so long as you keep it off company domain.

With the mental fornication underway, when you’re face to face, make it a point to prolong this experience as much as you can physically take. Ladies, you want his penis to drip sweet nectar long before your lips get there, and fellas you want her to feel her g-spot pulse while your tongue licks the outline of her nipples.

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Clearly your lips, play an important role in kissing, it is important to remember not be too stiff or to lose. Maintain adequate moistness and please do not try to lose your tongue in your partner’s throat. Keep it sexy, yes kissing is between the lips but it’s also fun to break the kiss and tease your partner with your bottom or top lip, kiss their chin and cheeks. Use your hands to hold their face, moan into it so they know how good you feel; nothing is prohibited in terms of where you can place your lips, from the tops of their heads to literally the soles of your feet and tips of your toes. Make it fun and make it flirty.


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Fondling/Manual Stimulation

Personally, I love to be fondled – this is another common foreplay technique. You remember back in high school when that boy you were crushing on would grab a cheek full of your booty meat? Well, same concept except you’re older now and its no longer taboo, lol. Ever wake up and just hold on to your man’s member for no real reason other than its right there? Stroke it gently and watch it grow while laying your head on his bare chest. Or men, your girl’s in the kitchen washing the dishes and you walk up on her and rub your hands over her ass in a circular motion; whispering sexy things in her ear. Feeling kinky? Next time your partner’s on the phone slip your hands into their pants and let your fingers do the talking as you stare at them quietly and intently and see how aroused they become. If they try to hang up the phone  – stop!

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Nipple Play

Let me talk to the men right quick; some of you do not spend enough time getting to truly know the female breasts. You need to become one with them the same way you become one with the pussy when you are eating it. Don’t be afraid to lick all up under her breast, stuff it in your mouth and suck it from deep in your throat, massage it gently – don’t bite the nipple off (_-). Mush them together, rub them up and down. Kiss them in the center. Run your tongue over its entire being.

*Rings out underwear*

If you follow all these steps WHILE you’ve got penis rubbing on her thigh, I promise you she is going to beg for it.

You can thank me later. Ladies, there are some men who enjoy the nipple play as well, it’s all a matter of knowing your partner’s preferences.

Oral Play

I <3 giving Felatio. check out Yaya Ellis as she delivers her semen…I mean sermon on the art of suck-seed-ing here.

Anal Play

If you don’t see nothin’ wrong with a little butt ‘n’ grind, then Bunz Bee’s got all you need to help you slide inside those cheeks here.


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Create a Mood

Whether its music, candles, lighting, flower petals or satin sheets; the mood sets the tone before you do anything else. Plan a sexy evening every once in a while. Eat dinner in the buff. Blindfold and feed your partner. Shower together or take it outside to the backseat of the car. Share your desires with your partner  and then make it happen. Pull out the handcuffs and the feathers, vibrators, lube, sex dice or sex games. Whatever it is that brings you pleasure.

Just to recap, when it comes to foreplay – nothing is off limits. Learn your partner’s body, likes, and dislikes. Each sexual encounter should supersede the last. It’s ok to send naughty texts! Don’t be afraid to try anything once with your partner so long as you are comfortable. Remember to take it slow and make it deliberate, allowing for a memorable experience.

One more thing before I let you practice what I have just preached remember to have safe sex!

Now go forth and secrete fluids of desire! 

– Taste the Thoughts…

Taste the Thoughts

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A NY transplant in Florida, Kimani has taken on the task of educating the world on sexual health and education. The Mount Vernon native has seen AIDS and HIV spread through her community like wildfire, and hopes to cease the transmission of these and other diseases one person at a time. If you know better, you're inclined to do better.

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