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Take off That Faja and Breathe, Girl.

Posted September 7, 2015 by Kimani in Love. Life. Erotica.

Take Off That Faja and Breathe…

It may seem like a new wave in body transformation, but faja’s (pronounced faa-haa in Spanish) have been around since women started having waists. [Insert brief history]. Growing up with Latina women, I saw first-hand how an unreal perception of beauty could influence how my elders viewed themselves. Wanting that hourglass figure had many passing out from inability to eat – or even breathe. In these past few years, we have seen “waist training” become such a popular trend amongst women of all ages; searching for a quick weight loss method that they would be proud to brag about. Many have had weight loss success; as it restricts the stomach’s ability to expand, thus “regulating” eating habits. They are incredible when bouncing back from child birth and help hold the abdominal muscles in place post c-section.

Post-Partum Compression Wear

Me (pumping milk at work)- four months postpartum wearing a compression shaper.


However – is the faja becoming a crutch for some? It pains me to see women stuffed in corsets as they stomp down the street with that well-known grimace of discomfort. Much worse, there are women who eat poorly and use the trainer as a way to hold in their stomachs with no intentions of changing their health habits (or lack thereof). There are side effects that aren’t advertised; like potential fatigue, airway constriction and heartburn that can result in acid reflux. Cheaply made steel-boning waist trainers can cause back and abdominal bruising on and under the skin. Not to mention the ego and emotional effects when one removes a faja to get intimate and no longer holds the perfect shape of minutes before.

The faja then becomes a permanent fixture in the daily lives of many women. They become obsessed with the thought of looking like an Instagram model, or one of Taz’s perfectly shaped angels. Many starve themselves, while others choose to wear the garments day in and day out. Throw in a pair of butt-lifting shorts, and you have the perfect recipe for body dysmorphic disorder.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of perfection – how does a woman avoid it all?

Remind yourself of what comfort feels like. Deeply inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth. You are free.

Once you liberate yourself, get as naked as you can and spend a few hours like this. Regain and maintain comfort within your own skin; remembering that becoming your ideal you is a marathon – not a sprint.

Set a schedule for wearing your trainer. It doesn’t need to be on all day, and you certainly should not be sleeping with it.

If you want to see fast-er results, work towards a healthier overall lifestyle. Try adding a few days of physical activity (30 minutes of sex actually counts) and increasing your fruit and veggie intake. Drinking lots of water helps flush toxins as well.


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Lastly – beware of fads. Try to research anything that promises fast results and make sure that it’s safe. If it sounds too good to be true – it probably is.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little pudge when you’re working towards a goal. Even atheletes have quirks about them that they would like to change. If Serena Williams is working on improving herself, I definitely have the patience to do the same.

In a 2009 LA Times article, writer Chuck Culpepper quotes Serena stating:

“Actually, I suffer a little bit from LSE (Low Self-Esteem),” she said. “I’m a little insecure and I’m working on it. . . . A lot of females that are in a position where they’re really successful might just go home and be a little insecure.”

Now, have you looked at Serena lately? Ever? If she has insecurities, it’s safe to say that working on a part of ourselves that we don’t like is normal. Did wearing the faja/waist trainer work for me? Yes. I also went to the gym once I got clearance, walked with the baby outside and ate properly.


So please, take off that faja and breathe a little.


Are there any cultural quirks that have shaped your thoughts about what’s sexy? Share with us in the comments! 

Raising a Multicultural Family

This post is in collaboration with jenniferpriest.com as part of a multi-cultural blogger exploration facilitated by Alt Summit, Latina Bloggers Connect, and Blogalicious. We decided to talk about our experiences with race, being that we are both multi-cultural people raising up multi-cultural families. 

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