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Does Size Matter? Your Awkward Questions – Answered

Posted December 6, 2016 by Kimani in Sex Health
Does Size Matter

Does Size Matter? Your Awkward Questions – Answered


VForVadge was built on answering anonymous sex questions – and as long as you’re asking, we’ll keep answering…

Hi, I saw your channel and saw your videos and noticed how open minded you are so I hope you can answer. I believe you get many of these kind of questions but I hope you could answer mine. Does size matter? I’m 25-year-old guy and my penis is 9.5 inches long and 7 inches in girth/around so my penis is almost as thick as a coke can for example. Is it small, average or big in length and girth in your opinion? Do I have a good penis size in your opinion or is it too big or too small in length and/or girth? How much the thickness of a penis matters? Do you like a thick penis and how thick is thick in your opinion? Do I have a thick one? I’ve had problems with girls so that’s why I’m asking. Some girls have said it’s way too big but then said to their girlfriends it was small so I’m a bit confused. Also, does flaccid size matter? Do women like to see bigger flaccid dicks? My dick is about 6 – 6.5 inches when soft so is it big or small? I’m asking cause I have a massive bulge in my pants and I can’t hide it. Do girls like to see big bulges in a guy’s pants or not? What do u think? I hope u can answer 🙂

Hi There! Size is only relevant if it’s causing discomfort of some sort. At 9.5 inches long, you would be measuring far above average (5.5 – 6 inches). As long as you are pleasing your partner safely – I don’t think you have anything to worry about in that realm.

Human beings talk, and will often times adjust the words they use to suit whatever the purpose of their conversation is. I wouldn’t concern myself with that if I were you.

Flaccid size also is irrelevant, since you can’t actually have sex with a flaccid penis. Many men are growers (vs showers), so full potential isn’t seen until fully erect.

If you’re having difficulty concealing your penis in pants, you may want to consider tucking differently or changing the cut of your undies. I can’t speak for what other women want to see in pants, but if it’s making you uncomfortable you definitely want to address it.


Feel free to email me if you have other questions – Have a great day!


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