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Watermelon; Why Beyonce Was Was REALLY Drinking It…

Posted September 29, 2014 by Kimani in Love. Life. Erotica.
Watermelon; Why Beyonce Was Was REALLY Drinking It…


Is that watermelon in your glass, Jay?

Is that watermelon in your glass, Jay?

If you’re like me, you thought Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” was the bedroom anthem of the summer. I found myself dancing to it in my car, while cleaning the house – especially on Date Night with my husband. Everyone was whispering about her infamous line and trying to decipher the meaning – well, guess no more. What line, you ask?

“I’ve been drinkin’ – watermelon…” 

Many speculated that she was symbolizing the after effects of fellatio and meant that she would be swallowing sperm. In retrospect, that sounds kind of sexy – but makes very little sense. Why would she be telling her husband that she’s been drinking semen? It’s his sperm! I understand the connotation of drinking seeds, but I have a more biological explanation.

Just – eat it.

Watermelon contains the amino acid citrulline (which is actually the Latin word for Watermelon), known to lower blood pressure (thanks to potassium) and treat mild erectile dysfunction. While Queen Bey does not have a penis, the effects can be beneficial for increased blood flow to the vagina and clitoris. Hence, the reason why she was “drankin'” watermelon before they got to “grindin’ off in that club”, and subsequently woke up in the kitchen. She was getting her sex drive ready for the night’s activities.

The stimulation from the watermelon drink and gyrating all night probably had her ready to go home quite early.

“Said I’m drankin’…”


How can I use Watermelon to boost my sex drive? 

Excellent question! You can simply eat it. OR, if you’re trying to loosen up before sexy time – add a splash of vodka to the mix. Alcohol can be an aphrodisiac when used in moderation, as it lowers inhibition and tends to relax individuals in the right settings. The best part about all-natural remedies is that you can consume them during your regular day and reap the benefits, no pills or shots necessary.



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