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Ben Wa Balls; A Vagina’s Best Friend

Posted July 9, 2012 by Kimani in Reviews

Ben Wa Balls; A Vagina’s Best Friend


omen (and men) around the world are becoming more and more familiar with the art of Kegel exercises; flexing and releasing of the vaginal muscles to build strength. Kegels have gained media fame on daytime medical shows such as Dr. Oz and the Doctors – as well as video sensations on YouTube. The walls of the vagina and the urinary tract benefit from these moves, as they are tightened and also fight off urinary incontinence.

Ben Wa balls (also known as Passion Balls, baoding balls or vaginal weights) are two balls, typically made of metal, that are slightly weighted. Both balls are inserted into the vagina, and by the use of gravity and muscle movement – they are shifted and squeezed by the muscles. It is said that in ancient Chinese times, women would rock back and forth in a steady rhythm – and reveal powerful orgasms.

The balls are available in varying sizes that are gauged by millimeter; the smaller the ball, the harder the muscles have to work in order to squeeze them. Women are encouraged to challenge themselves by gradually going to smaller gauges once the current ones have been mastered.

How Do I Find Those Muscles? 

For Women, this is a simple task. While urinating, squeeze firmly and stop the stream. The pressure that you feel in your vagina are the floor muscles constricting. Release the flow and gently squeeze it again – this will confirm the feeling you just experienced. Do not flex your muscles frequently while urinating, as this puts strain on the muscles. The purpose of this exercise is to prevent urine leakage through strength.

For Men: The process is the same, but one may insert a finger into the anus for better recognition of where the muscles are. When the correct muscles are located, the anus will tighten.

Abdominal muscles as well as the buttocks and thighs must be relaxed while doing these exercises, though it is easy to overcompensate by using them instead.

Ben Wa Balls come in various materials, including metal, plastic, silicone and jade. Each one caters to different needs or allergen concerns. Visit your local adult novelty store, or shop online from reputable retailers.




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