Bacterial Vaginosis + My Shower Head


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Bacterial Vaginosis + My Shower Head…

Posted July 21, 2015 by Kimani in Infection Section
Bacterial Vaginosis

Hey Vadgesters! Here’s a great anonymous question that was submitted by one of my readers.  Bacterial Vaginosis affects many women, and can be caused by many factors. I hope the answer helps more than just her. Take a look!


“I can’t work myself up to buying a vibrator/dildo, so I use my shower head for self-pleasure. However, I have been getting frequent BV infections. I am sure it is due to the pH imbalance I am causing with the shower head. Is there anything I can do to prevent them without giving up my shower head?”

Bacterial Vaginosis is a tricky infection, because it’s caused by so many different factors. It happens when one bacteria that’s normally found in the vagina begins to take over the others. Everyone has bacteria in their genitals; they help the overall function and cleanliness.


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The water pH and force of the water may be irritating the normal environment of the vagina, hence the repeat BV issues. One way to fix this, is to test the pH of your water, and see if it needs to be softened (which costs time and money). This is difficult if you are a renter, because all the water in your building is coming from the same source. I’m not sure the landlord/management company won’t blush if you tell them why you want softer water. Try putting the shower head on a lower setting, or holding it further away from you while enjoying the jets.

Another solution – buy a vibrator. Materials on toys are body-safe and made to be hypo-allergenic. As long as you keep your toy clean, your Bacterial Vaginosis worries shall be no more.  Don’t overwhelm yourself; start off with a simple bullet vibrator since you appear to be an external stimulation kind of woman (hence the shower head).  It’ll give you the vibrations and pulsations of the shower head – without all the potential soreness and irritation.


Which Vibrator is Right for You?


If you have any more questions – feel free to email me at I’ll gladly walk you through the toy selection process, and refer you to a few BV treatment options as well.

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