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Awkward Questions: Does Queefing Make You Uncomfortable During Sex?

Posted August 2, 2012 by Kimani in Y.A.Q.

Before we start, let’s define the term “Queef.” The formal definition, according to is “an expulsion of wind from the vulva during coitus; a vaginal fart.” Queefing usually takes place during or after sexual intercourse, and happens to many women everywhere.

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The question is – does queefing make you uncomfortable durng sex? Generally, the answer should be no. Air builds up in the vaginal cavity during rigorous sex, and is usually let out once the penis exits. Noise may escape when the penis tries to re-enter or when the woman relaxes her muscles after sex is done. Most people who have had intercourse before have heard this sound, and it feels about as uncomfortable as gas building in your stomach (at the very most). Queefing should never be painful. Queefing should never smell bad.

The level of comfort you have will depend on how at ease you are with your sexual partner. Understanding that it is a natural occurrence is the first step in getting over the awkward sound. It’s not about the position of sex or the tightness of the vagina – it’s a matter of air being vacuum packed into a confined space, and released when the pressure is lessened. Think of a hot water bottle, or a whoopee cushion. At the very least – it should serve as a great way to share humor with your partner and understand each other better sexually. There’s nothing awkward about that.


If you feel pain or smell anything unusual during this occurrence – please see a licensed physician promptly.


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