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Awkward Question: Why Am I Always Wet?

Posted July 21, 2014 by Kimani in Sex Health

Someone walked up and asked me this question, and the answer may vary for other women. I did, however screen this young lady for the usual suspects before coming to my conclusion.


1. Be sure to see an OB/GYN

If this is an ongoing issue, you definitely need the assessment of a medical professional before proceeding. He/she can screen you for various STDs, STI’s and vaginal infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis. Once you rule this very important factor out, it is easier to proceed and find a solution to your discomfort.

2. Your Ph may be unbalanced

After ruling out infection, this sounds like the real and true answer, and there are quite a few ways to balance the pH. The vagina’s flora are very sensitive, and factors such as what you do for a living every day may play a major part in your daily pH. If you sit in an office chair a lot, moisture may build up in the nether region. If you work in a high-intensity environment, rigorous activity and sweat may cause your pH to start acting up. For solutions to balancing your pH, read here and here.


Natural Solutions to Balance your pH

3. Wear panty liners 

While you pinpoint the problem, wearing panty liners during the day is a great way to absorb the moisture you experience from vaginal wetness. This will help avoid further irritation and possible yeast infections caused by excessive moisture. No matter if you’re very physically active or if you sit in an office during the day, vaginas need space to breathe. Panty liners create a gap between your vagina and the underwear/clothes that covers it.

4. Go Commando in Bed

The best time to get ventilation without all the extra stuff is at bed time. Try slipping into a pair of cotton shorts or pajama pants before bed and let your vadge air out.

5. Don’t Add Anything

Until you get recommendations from a licensed physician – do not put anything on your vagina. No vaginal powders or creams will help you if they’re not solving your individual problem.

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