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Awkward Question: Is it Normal to Have a Lot of Vaginal Sweat?

Posted October 4, 2012 by Kimani in Sex Health

There are various causes for vaginal sweat, some of which make the issue more noticeable than normal. A condition known as hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating, can be seen in different parts of the body; including the hands, feet, face, chest and head. The genital region is no different. If there are sweat glands, there can be an excess of sweat.

Waxing or shaving the genital region can make sweating more prominent, as hair absorbs the moisture caused by sweating. Without pubic hair to act as a barrier, sweat is absorbed by the underwear and/or clothing placed over the genitals. If you have issues with sweating, consider a bikini wax only, and allow the hair to remain at the pubis.


Cotton panties/briefs are a helpful way to avoid the odor caused by sweat. Sweating produces a chemical called Urea, that is also found in urine; when drying or in excess amounts it may create a urine-like odor. Since cotton is porous, it allows oxygen to circulate and keep the odor at a minimum. Wick-away undergarments are also an option, as they draw moisture away from the genital region. There are underwear with waterproof barriers available as well.

Changing your diet may also assist in this issue, as foods high in sugar, salt, caffeine and alcohol can increase the level of sweat produced. Drinking water often will reduce the level of urea in the body and minimize the odor.


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Sweat Pads: If all else fails – try these. Most companies cater these to underarms, but breathable pantiliners also serve the same purpose. Check out the search here to see if any of these will be of assistance.

Always remember to see a licensed physician when faced with issues that affect your health. Only a doctor can truly diagnose whether you have a medical condition or a minor issue. Seek help if and when the issue begins to affect your daily life or regimen.



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