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Get Anika Calhoun’s Lingerie Looks For Less

Posted December 12, 2016 by Kimani in Sex Health

Get Anika Calhoun’s Lingerie Looks For Less

Empire was pretty good last week, but all I could stare at was Anika Calhoun’s lingerie. Every piece was stunning and fit perfectly.

It’s a growing fashion trend on red carpets, but how can us regular women incorporate lingerie in our wardrobes? I’ve gathered a few pieces and suggestions that you can score for less.

Anika Calhoun


I love a good piece from Agent Provocateur, but let’s be honest – I can’t afford this on the regular!

The Bra/Belt/Panty combo is the Raive Waspie in Black ($555.00), while the robe itself is the Deziree gown ($3395.00). No, I didn’t put the decimals in the wrong place.

The sexy belt (included) helps conceal areas many of us would rather do without, while the robe adds a bit of mystery to the almost nudity.

This sexy two-piece combo is sold together, saving you thousands at $12.55.

The garter belt is also included, increasing the sexy flare.

I also found a sexy robe that can be paired with it here.

Anika Calhoun

Anika Calhoun

I know La Perla when I see it, and Anika Calhoun definitely did her thing in this bra. The Maharani Carioca bra ($159.00) is a bit more practical for “daily” wear and appears to have more support for breasts.

Anika Calhoun

Maharani Carioca by La Perla

Of course, I couldn’t find an exact replica, but this unique underwire is a sexy substitute.

Grab a cute, lacey boyshort – and you have yourself a confidence boosting underwear combo.

I couldn’t round this post off without bringing in queen Cookie for more inspiration.

Cookie Lyon

Naturally, the merry widow corset that she’s wearing is limited edition from Victorias’s Secret, so don’t hold you breath on getting one.

I did, however, find this sexy number on the VS site for $46.99.

For women like me who don’t fit most bras in Victoria’s Secret, I found this beautiful sleepwear set for much less…

It comes in a number of colors, too – you know I’m getting them all!

So, do not despair, ladies – we can all get our sexy on without skipping next month’s rent.

Got questions? Send me an email –, I can’t wait to chat with you!


Agent Provocateur (Raive Waspie)

Agent Provocateur (Deziree)

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