Anal Cum? - Awkward Question


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Anal Cum? – Awkward Questions

Posted October 21, 2014 by Kimani in Sex Health

Anal Cum? – Awkward Questions

“I have a question, Is it true a female can cum out of her butt? This guy told me a female can do this but I have never heard of this before, I had to ask the expert about this one.”

– Dub Bee, New York


Hi Dub Bee!

The anus can create its own lubrication, just not typically as much as a vagina. It’s not actually semen or ejaculate, it’s mucous. Membranes create lubrication for bowel movements and often when the stomach is empty. It’s even possible to “ejaculate” this mucous, similar to genital ejaculation.  Men and women can do this, by the way. 

Long story short, yes, lol


Anatomy of the Anus



WebMD – Anal Sex Safety

Wikipedia – Yes, Wikipedia! 

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