Pornhub x 50 Shades - What are Women Searching For?


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Pornhub x 50 Shades – What are Women Searching For?

Posted February 22, 2015 by Kimani in Love. Life. Erotica.

I had the pleasure of watching 50 Shades of Grey on its opening weekend, and the feedback I’ve been receiving has been too much to ignore. Many women are enamored with Christian Grey – but why?

Is it the penetrating stare? The wealthy lifestyle? His love for a quality Dior tie?


It’s because he’s a sadistic freak.

The thought of giving up control to someone they are attracted to entices many women. Allowing that man to invade your comfort zone and expose you to levels of pain and pleasure sounds scary but tantalizing. After watching Anastasia get spanked, flogged and snapped with the riding crop – you may be wondering what it feels like. If you felt a rush of exhilaration when he tied her up with his necktie, you may be curious to know if sex could really be good that way. A lot of you are searching for beginner’s BDSM techniques right now.

How do I know? Because Pornhub.


As one of the leading sites in pornography, it’s their job to find out what women (and men) are searching for on the internet. They can then figure out what content to feature on their world famous site in order to satisfy these ladies. Yes, women watch porn, too.



How Many Women are Really Searching for BDSM Stuff?


Surprised? I’m not. There is a quiet allure to BDSM, especially if you only know what is written about in Fifty Shades.  We’ll talk more about this world another time, but for now – take a look at what your friends are searching for while you sit at Starbucks…


What BDSM Terms are Women Searching For?


“Submission” is the top term, for obvious reasons. In the movie, Anastasia Steele becomes Christian Grey’s Submissive, therefore she agrees to satisfy his every need.

Next up, “BDSM” is the second most searched term, because we all need to know what it stands for before we sign any non-disclosure agreements (wink).

Oh, and BDSM is a cross of acronyms for Bondage, Dominance, Submission (Sadism) and Masochism. 

(But you knew that already.)

Third was “Dominate.” Christian exuded a dominant role and made it clear that he planned to have control over her. I think that’s where part of the attraction begins – having a strong figure want to please her in every way, as long as she pleases him sexually.


What’s your beau or boo searching for?

BDSM Term Search by Gender



So, now you know what your mom has been doing on her new iPad all day.

You’re welcome.


Special thanks to Pornhub for the infographics.

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