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3 Skin Care Beauty Products You Need Right NOW

Posted February 28, 2017 by Kimani in Reviews

Skin Care3 Skin Care Beauty Products You Need Right NOW

Many people ask me how my skin is “so soft,” “so clear,” “so perfect,” and my first answer to them is always, “good genes,” with a shrug. No seriously, my family has amazing skin, and everyone knows it, but my family isn’t the ONLY reason why my face is kept in pristine condition. It’s my three holy grail beauty/skin care products I cannot live without, which I’ve managed to guard better than my sorority’s secret rituals. For one time and one time only (which is eternal because this is the internet…), I’m sharing my skin care beauty secrets with you. So get prepared; open that notes app, grab your laptop, or pull this post up once you’re at your nearest beauty store of choice.



Mario Badescu Facial Spray:

MAJOR GAME CHANGER! I never knew anything about added benefits of rose water before I started using this product! All I knew at first was that boogie people sprayed their face with rose laced water and somehow they were ~glowing~. Naturally, being into trends and fads, I decided to give it a try. Verdict: I’m never not using this stuff. I’m on a plane all day every day which leads to very dehydrating conditions (not to mention radiation exposure), and on days where I need a pick me up mid-flight, I spray this mist on my face and voila! It’s like magic in a bottle! My skin is instantly brighter and I’m looking a heck of a lot better than before. The passengers always notice! The all natural ingredients help revitalize and rejuvenate dull, dehydrated skin. This offers to sooth and restore vitality back to the skin. It’s great to toss into your bag for a mid-day boost or to set your makeup for a naturally dewy finish.

Skin Care

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser:

This cleanser somehow magically sucks any and all dirt and oil from your face, while keeping it clear and supple for a more youthful, radiant appearance. I use this when removing my makeup for the day, massaging this into my skin and washing away with warm water. In the morning, I rinse with cold water for a cool and refreshing wake-up. I love it because of the oils like Avocado oil and Apricot oil help to prevent stripping of the skin and restore moisture as well as retaining clarity. Say bye bye to harsh blemishes! Pro-Tip: it’s sold at Nordstrom Rack for a couple dollars off the site price of $19 for a 2.5 oz travel friendly tube. And before you give the price flack, a little does go a long way! It took me 6 months of continuous use to finish a travel size by only using a small dollop every time!

Skin Care


Montagne Juenesse 7th Heaven Tea Tree Peel Off Mask:

This affordable and soothing peel off mask refueled my obsession with face masks (which started when I was a little too young to even be using them, to be honest!). With Tea Tree, witch hazel, and Canadian willowherb, this mask does well to target the t-zone and hormonal areas. Think of spots like the chin, which are common to become enflamed during that time of the month. The mask also rids the skin of impurities, an added bonus, but take note: it isn’t meant to remove makeup. That is an odd, but common misconception. Use a makeup remover wipe to remove the makeup, and wash your face. Sit back and relax while the mask dries, after 15 to 25 minutes peel off, rinse, and pat your skin dry for a smooth, glowing face. The added bonus: it’s less than $2! It’s a skin care steal that proves you don’t necessarily need to ball out to have great skin.

And there you have it, my top three beauty secrets that are fool proof for soft, flawless skin. Even if you are prone to acne or sensitive skin, I’m no dermatologist, but I know for a fact that the Kiel’s Ultra Facial Cleanser does wonders for skin. I’m also a die hard sucker for sugar and coffee scrubs, which you can get right here on VforVadge. Remember, taking care of your skin keeps you looking and feeling radiant and sexy all from within.
With all that said, go forth my child. Spray, cleanse, and sooth to your heart’s content, update your skin care routine, and feel free to thank me later!
What’s your current favorite skin care product or regimen?

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