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Keeping Vagina Healthy

5 Things You Need to Know About Your Vagina

As a fellow vagina owner, I know the importance of being familiar with oneself. 2014 is definitely the year of Self Love, and I’d like to start by talking about the basics of Vadge care. After all, no one will take better...

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How to Use Smart Balls

From the Writer’s Desk: Awesome news! Starting today, we’ll be shooting Try It Thursday videos – where we feature products available for purchase in Le Vadge Shop. Today, we’re kicking it off with Smart ...

ShineNatural Coffee Scrub

Get Smooth and Sexy the Natural Way; Coffee Scrub by Kimi’s Playthings

I’m excited to share my latest news with you all. I’ve teamed up once again with ShineNatural to create sensual body care with all natural ingredients!  You may remember Kimi’s Awesome Sauce and the ShineNatu...

Awkward Question: Why Am I Always Wet?

Someone walked up and asked me this question, and the answer may vary for other women. I did, however screen this young lady for the usual suspects before coming to my conclusion.   1. Be sure to see an OB/GYN If this is a...

“Quickie – Part 2″ (Reader-Submitted Erotica)

(Continued from “Quickie Pt. 1″) Thankfully, the janitor’s interruption was brief…He left something the office, grumbled something about “hating these muthafuckas” and closed the door…I...


Reader-Submitted Erotica: “Quickie Pt. 1″

“Quickie…” The office hums with silence as the last employee leaves. Proposals due, quality monitoring; all of it becomes a blur after 5 o’clock. I kick my purse back under the desk; ‘not leaving h...

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