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Keeping Vagina Healthy

5 Things You Need to Know About Your Vagina

As a fellow vagina owner, I know the importance of being familiar with oneself. 2014 is definitely the year of Self Love, and I’d like to start by talking about the basics of Vadge care. After all, no one will take better...

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How to Use Smart Balls

From the Writer’s Desk: Awesome news! Starting today, we’ll be shooting Try It Thursday videos – where we feature products available for purchase in Le Vadge Shop. Today, we’re kicking it off with Smart ...

Easy Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Relief

Many of us suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for various reasons. As a writer, I encounter its symptoms much more often that most people. If you experience Carpal Tunnel symptoms – these exercises may work very well for ...

Power of the Vadge

“Power of the V” (Pole Dance and Passion) – Photo Recap

If you missed my first event, consider this your re-up. Power of the V was my first women’s gathering, and it was awesome. The evening gave guests a chance to unwind, relax with friends and dance all night.  Drinks and ...

Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Can I Get Carpal Tunnel From Masturbation?

It may seem like a trivial question, but if you know what I know -this is actually one that has a great answer. So, can you get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from masturbation?   First, let’s talk about the scientific stuff...


Cliteracy 101: A Lesson In Stimulation

From the Writer’s Desk: Guys, I’ll let you in on a big secret; this is a very popular topic among women. So many times, males think that because a technique worked on one woman, it will do the same for another. That...

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